Quilling Technique Tutorial : How to make Quilled Flower Petals without tools #14

quilled flower tutorial

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Quilling Technique Tutorial : How to make Quilled Flower Petals without tools

Hey! Its been quite a long break I took since my last post. I agree craft blogging isnt as much fun as crafting! But anyhow i am determined that this month Im gonna post all of my finished but unposted craft works. So todays tutorial is on making Quilled flower petals without quilling tools. Actually I used this technique to make my first ever large scale craft work which in fact is the very reason behind setting up this craft blog :).I shall cover the whole project in another picture heavy post but for now, i have made this tutorial for making quilled flower petals for a sunflower without any quilling tools.

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Materials required to make quilled flowerΒ petals:

  1. Quilling strips – you can learn how to make your own quilling strips HERE.
  2. Glue
  3. Comb

Step by step tutorial for making quilled flower petals

The easiest way to describe it is just 2 steps :

  1. Wind your quilling paper arounnd the comb by leaving one teeth between each windings. Secure the end to the roll with glue.
  2. Take out the spiral quilled stuff from the comb and twist the ends to opposite directions. Tada!!!
  3. Done!

Okay now if you dint understand what i just said now, see the pic below and read instructions again πŸ™‚Β quilled flower tutorial


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So here is after which you remove the enlongated quilled flower coil from the comb and this is what its gonna look like. The idea of using a comb here is to have same size/length quilled flower petals. If you remember a similar idea was used HERE to make a quilled flower leaf.quilled flower tutorial



Okay so wasnt it very easy till now? Its not gonna get difficult anyways! Just twist the top and bottom ends of the long coil to opposite directions to finally make cute lil quilled flower petals.Mostly these quilled flower petals can be used to make quilled sunflowers i guess but thats a very easy thing for any quilling beginner to try out.
quilled flower tutorial

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Now here is a sneak peak of the actual quilled flower as in quilled sunflower project i did last year :

quilled flower tutorial

Are they pretty ?? Well as i promised, more pictures and stories of the projects will come up soon. Meanwhile you can try out other quilling project from the quilling tutorials i have shared HERE.

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    1. Hey krupa! welcome to thecraftyangels πŸ™‚ and thanks for your lovely compliment..actually that encourages me to try quilling again even though it keeps testing my patience πŸ˜› you should try quilling as well..You being a fashion blogger should know how much quilled jewelry are a rage in india right now!!

    1. Hey pily πŸ™‚ you too have a great blog there! i loved your quilled angel and im definitely gonna try them out. Dint know it was this easy to make ! do drop in at my blog whenever you find time πŸ™‚

  1. You have made the most beautiful design in most easy way… I always messed up with papers and tools while trying to do something like this..

    1. Aw thankyou grace πŸ™‚ This was my first quilling work and I had just a slotted tool that time which I did not use here! This was quite an easy method for me right then to get uniform sized and distributed petals. Im glad that this tutorial even though so simple helped you πŸ™‚ Will keep sharing more. Do come back πŸ™‚

  2. You are so talented! Although I have been quilling for several years, I have learned some new techniques that will be very useful in future projects. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

    1. Thankyou so much Kathryn! I am not quilling much these days mostly due to lack of time but I have to tell you quilling is by far the best craft πŸ™‚ especially because there are so much you can do , so much techniques you can discover yourself through practice πŸ™‚ Glad that you found my tutorials useful:)

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