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DIY Paper Christmas Tree with quilling papers

Handmade love for this Christmas season. Make these pretty and easy paper Christmas tree with quilling paper strips and a popsicle stick! Read tutorial.

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Officially my last post for Christmas  Christmas post before Christmas 😛 ! I am in Kerala right now and this place is so cheerful with festivities. The lights and decorations are so lovely! I am going to buy a few Christmas decor items from here so that I can use them for my next Christmas at Kolar 😉 Anyways coming to today’s post, its a really simple but catchy DIY Paper Christmas tree with quilling paper. Don’t worry there is no quilling involved! Also, if you are in holiday crafting mood, be sure to check out the many other holiday crafts and activities I tried over last Christmas seasons 🙂 

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Quilling tutorials

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Find more quilling tutorials from various other blogs here.

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Quilling Combing technique : Quilled bird

Quilling combing technique tutorial : Read on to know how to make this beautiful quilled bird using quilling combing technique with step by step photograph.

quilled bird quilling combing technique tutorial (23)

This is a project I started working on along with quilled flower I made with double sided quilling comb (HERE). But somehow as I had very rightly anticipated, bigger projects are totally not my cup of tea and I have been dragging this so much that right now I have stopped everything else to just get done with this! I need to find a perfect frame for this quilled bird made using quilling combing technique but yeah well..maybe after a while :P! Thankyou Priya for giving me the push to create something different 🙂 Yeah so for anyone who want to buy this double sided quilling comb that I have used for this quilled bird, HERE is the link to product.

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50+ Quilling Tutorials and Techniques

Quilling is a paper art that requires a lot of concentration and patience. Once you like quilling, you are sure to get hooked on to it because of the sheer possibilities of quilled items you can make. I have compiled a list of quilling tutorials and techniques both from my blog as well as from around the crafting blogosphere. Hope these quilling tutorials and techniques help you guys in your quilling journey. If you find these quilling tutorials and techniques useful, please do not forget to comment at the bottom and also on blog posts from other quillers 🙂

I have categorised the quilling tutorials and techniques as Basic quilling tutorials and techniques and Advance quilling tutorials and techniques. The basic quilling tutorials and techniques are for beginners to master the basic techniques and build a steady foundation. Once you have tried all the basic quilling tutorials and techniques, advance tutorials and techniques are just like cakewalk for you guys. You can click on the images to go directly to the respective quilling tutorials and techniques or you can scroll further down to see the full list along with respective titles under categories.

If you have any tutorial that can be added to the list, please please do not forget to post the link in the comment 🙂 This will help me as well as other quillers to have a complete list of tutorials 🙂 

 Quilling tutorials from TheCraftyAngels : 

Basic quilling tutorial - making flat tight coil (4)

Basic quilling tutorial - making flat tight coil (6)

Basic quilling tutorial-making teardrop (3)

quilled flower tutorial

quilled flower tutorial

quilling butterfly tutorial

Tight quilled flower shaker card tutorial (18)

Quilled wall hanging tutorial

Quilled wall hanging tutorial

Double sided quilling comb review and tutorial (13)

quilled bird quilling combing technique tutorial (23)

Quilling tutorials from other blogs :

Basic Beginners Quilling tutorials and techniques :

Advanced Quilling tutorials and techniques :

Jewellery making Quilling tutorials and techniques :

3D quilling tutorials and techniques : 


If you have any tutorials or know of any quilling tutorials and techniques  that have not been listed here, please do let me know through the comments below. I would love to add them as well and expand this tutorials list 🙂



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Quilling Comb Flower Tutorial with Video

Quilling Comb Flower Tutorial

Quilling comb flower tutorial (20)Someone had shared these very beautiful quilling comb flowers on facebook and I just loved how neat and simple it looked. She hadnt posted a tutorial and I was sure it was done with a quilling comb. In my previous post on All-about-quilling-tools (HERE), I was telling you guys how I had purchased a quilling comb and not yet done anything with it! Well when I saw this quilling comb flower on facebook, I immediately grabbed my quilling comb and tried the flower and the one petal was super easy! What grabbed my attention was how different the quilling comb flower looked altogether unlike the loose coil flowers of different shapes.

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Basic Quilling Tools & Supplies : Beginners must read!

Basic Quilling Tools & Supplies : Exhaustive list with details

Quilled wall hanging tutorial

Quilling is like the “in” in-thing these days and there are many people who want to try quilling but not able to figure out where to start! Dont worry I have been there and I have crossed that phase right now so long back that I actually am in a position to give some tips for beginners 🙂 Anyways since there was a huge response to my beginners quilling shapes tutorial (HERE) I realized that I should do a post on Quilling tools as well. Not that I own all the quilling tools but I can tell  you what you need and what you dont!

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