DIY Crepe gerbera flower tutorial (3)

DIY Gerbera Flower tutorial

DIY Crepe Gerbera Flower Tutorial :

DIY Crepe gerbera flower tutorial (3) copy

My sister is home for her vacation and she sent me this Gerbera flower tutorial which left me thinking when was the last time I made something for my home? My home is pretty much a junkyard – of toys, newspaper, clothes, and what not! I always wish I could be more organised and have my home a pretty heaven but my efforts are seasonal plus they end till clearing junk. With advent of online home decor&furnishing stores, there is absolutely no dearth of choices for home organizing and decorating. But the crafter in me kind of makes me think too much about buying them wondering if I can DIY them 😀

DIY Crepe gerbera flower tutorial (3)

You might’ve read my previous articles on tissue paper flower (HERE), Crepe paper flowers (HERE & HERE) and organdy cloth rose flowers (HERE), I’m kinda done making flowers! My little sister Priya , she made this single Gerbera flower and placed in this beautiful tiny perfume bottle. So thats one thing different between her and me – I go the conventional way of bunching up and putting in a regular flower vase but she took a twisted road and made it look funky. I guess it makes a perfect showpiece for your writing desk – no huge clutter , simple yet sassy! Do you want to know how Priya made these flowers? Follow her Gerbera flower tutorial below 🙂

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Gerbera Flower Tutorial : Materials used 

  1. Crepe paper
  2. Magazine paper
  3. Leaf tape
  4. Floral wire/fish wire
  5. Any decorative bottle
  6. Glue
  7. Scissors
  8. Pencil

Crepe Gerbera Flower tutorial :

  • Using a pencil, draw simple gerbera design like in the below photograph on the magazine paper and cut it out. You need to make template for two sizes/ diameters of gerbera design . An easier method to making the design would be to make a circle, draw diagonals crossing through circle centre dividing the circle into equal pizza slices ha ha!

DIY Crepe gerbera flower tutorial (1)

  • Take a rectangular piece of crepe paper of any colour. Red or yellow would be the best though. Now using the gerbera patterns cut out from the magazine paper as your template, make about 4 cut-outs of each size of the design.
  • Using a tweezer or a quilling needle or a pair of scissors or anything thats near you, crease each petal of all the floral cut-outs, through the middle, as shown in the picture.
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DIY Crepe gerbera flower tutorial (4)

  • Stack the larger cutouts and smaller cutouts one over the other into separate bundles and stick together each layers of the stack.
  • For the center of the gerbera flower, cut out a circle from a darker colour of any paper and stick it to the center of smaller petal stack. Just be sure that you stick the center to the side towards which the petals are folded towards.
  • Now you can glue together both the stacks with petals being creased inwards.

DIY Crepe gerbera flower tutorial (5)

  • From a green coloured crepe paper, cut out a layer to sepals as shown in the picture. Wrap the leaf tape around a piece of floral wire or fish wire to form the stalk. Stick the stalk and then the sepals on the backside of the flower.
  • Take a pretty bottle like one of those old empty bottles of scent or wine or nail polish. Clean it using nail polish remover to remove all stains.
  • Insert the flower in the bottle and the DIY Gerbera Showpiece is ready.
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DIY Crepe gerbera flower tutorial (2)

Did you like this pretty Gerbera flower tutorial? Well I would say this is definitely an easy try for anybody – no complicated craft supplies, no difficult procedure. Let me know if you liked this Easy Gerbera flower tutorial. Your opinions and suggestions would really bring a smile on my lil sisters face 🙂

So for next post, I have decided to tell you guys how I made this pretty quilled flower card for my mother. Stay tuned 🙂

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P.S : Priya Prithviraj is a major in English Literature at The English and Foreign Languages University in Hyderabad. She currently works with the Curriculum Development team at VOICE4Girls and also volunteers for Teach For Change. She also has a BLOG on literature & poems. 

xoxo Angela



Angela jose is an engineer by profession and crafter by hobby. She resides in India with her husband and daughter. TheCraftyAngels is her brainchild which is a platform to share craft tutorials.

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      Thanks to you dear! Waiting for more such pleasures to reach me 😉 Keep crafting!

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