How to make Tissue Paper Rose Flowers #8

Today we are going to see how to make tissue paper rose flowers . Well the topic sounds so cliche cz of the umpteen number of flower making tutorials with tissue papers in the blogosphere but still here is my attempt in making tissue paper rose flower. 

Tissue paper rose flowers are the easiest handmade flowers and they are like the beginners craft project since it requires no additional inputs. Tissue paper rose flowers are an inseparable part of party decorations, wedding bouquets, living room vases and what not!

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Materials required for making Tissue Paper Rose Flower :

  1. Tissue paper (roll or square pieces)
  2. Green tape ( Itsy Bitsy floral tape)
  3. Wire ( Itsy bitsy gold wire)

How to make Tissue Paper Rose Flower – step by step tutorial

Making these tissue paper rose flowers are just so simple and it takes like hardly 2 minutes to finish one. So lets get started :

  1. Cut out strips of your tissue paper atleast 2 inches wide.
  2. I have used square tissue papers not the rolled ones here for my tissue paper rose flowers. I cut them out into 4 long strips, one strip for one tissue paper rose flower.
  3. Next is the simple trick in making beautiful tissue paper rose flower. Separate all your strips and crush them nicely. When you open them out they must be soft and flowey like cloth.
  4. Carefully open your crushed strips. I have used two strips one over the other to give my tissue paper rose flower a fuller look since i know my strip length is lesser.tissue paper rose flower tutorial 1
  5. You are now ready to start with your flower. Make a small triangle at the corner by folding the strip and start rolling the strip from thereon till you reach the end of the folded part. Make sure that you dont leave the end of the strip around which you are rolling right now.
  6. Once you are near to the end of your triangle fold, fold the strip outward again to make a triangle and start rolling.
  7. The idea is to keep rolling the strip by folding it over and over again in the outward direction. The simple trick in getting the best rose is to leave little frils in every triangle fold while rolling so that your flower doesnt end up like a tight roll.
  8. tissue paper rose flower tutorial 2
  9. Once you have finished with your strip, bring the end to the strip end that you have been rolling upon til now. Secure both the ends by twisting a wire around.
  10. Carefully roll a green tape around the wire and the tissue paper ends and secure tightly.
  11. Tada!!! you have a beautiful tissue paper rose flower in your hands in just 2  minutes!

tissue paper rose flower tutorial 3

Tips and Tricks in making Tissue Paper Rose Flower

  1. First and most importantly CRUSH crush and crush the tissue paper before starting off else your petals will have broken cracked edges rather than being round and curved.
  2. Try including small frills in between so that the tissue paper rose flower doesn’t end up as a tight roll of paper.
  3. You can make the tissue paper rose flower lil more attractive by adding some bling/sequins/glitter etc 🙂 

tissue rose flower tutorial b

These are just simple roses or rather tissue paper rose flowers you can make with absolutely no huge investment and adorn your house 🙂 I just loved making the tissue paper rose flowers and right now i love seeing them in my living room..yes im talking abt that personal touch factor 😀

Here are a few inspirations on similar tissue paper rose flowers :

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tissue paper rose CU (1)

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Balloon tissue flower hanging 


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xoxo Angela


Tissue rose flower tutorial


Angela jose is an engineer by profession and crafter by hobby. She resides in India with her husband and daughter. TheCraftyAngels is her brainchild which is a platform to share craft tutorials.

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  1. rehile jaesh says:

    super do i want to be folding like triangle till i reach end?i am waiting for the answer please.

  2. angela says:

    Hey Rehile 🙂 welcome to thecraftyangels 🙂 yes rehile. You have to keep folding the paper strip till you reach the end. Once you try one flower you wlll get the hang of it. Instead of making perfect triangles, try folding the paper at a very small angle just to create the folds. I know i sound so vague but if you have a paper in hand you are trying it out, i hope u got my point 🙂

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