crepe rose flower tutorial

Crepe Paper Rose Flower Tutorial #10

Crepe paper rose flowers are like the basic-‘est’ of the basic craft thing anyone tries out first! Crepe paper is like the magic potion for making real life flowers i mean all kinds of flowers. I have seen so many wonderful blogs and youtube videos demonstrating how-to’s for a variety of beautiful crepe paper rose flowers.

crepe rose flower tutorial

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I have myself tried the much hyped about tissue paper roses (click here for tutorial) and it turned out to be a huge success(atleast at my home :P). In a parallel universe, my sister  made the exact same kind of crepe paper rose flowers – the only difference being that the flowers dint have a stem and was put up on a canvas with painted leaves.What i loved about the whole work was not the process ( its there all over the internet!) but the way it was finally put up. I have hardly seen any crepe paper rose flowers anywhere other than on a kissing ball or flower vase. I liked her idea of mixing art and craft 🙂 Here are some pics she shared with me of the crepe paper rose flowers and also a quick tutorial.

Crepe paper rose flower 

crepe rose flower tutorial The vintage type leaves adds to the beauty right? I wonder what kinda paint she used for the leaves (on a lighter note- she s like a born talent when it comes to drawing and painting- ive seen her drawing all her life and really i used to be so jealous of her talent!)

Step by step tutorial for making crepe paper rose flower :

  • Cut out your crepe paper into long strips or you can use crepe paper streamers used for decorations. Crepe paper sheets gives you the freedom to choose the width of strip which is in turn the size of the  crepe paper rose flower.

crepe paper rose flower tutorial step1

  • Like in the picture above, fold the corner of your strip to for a bud ( I guess you can even make a bud from another piece of crepe paper and glue it to the middle).

crepe paper rose flower tutorial step 2

  •  Once you have the bud and strip in place, all you have to do is twist and wrap, twist and wrap over n over till you get your crepe paper rose flower in shape! Glue the ends to the flower and there you go-ready to make a kissing ball or wreath or a mixed art piece like this!

crepe paper rose flower tutorial 1 This crepe paper rose flower making procedure is almost same as the ones for my tissue paper rose flowers (click here to see the tutorial). About the Crafter – Priya is English language student at The English and Foreign language University, India and her real passion lies in arts and fashion designing. Her drawings from childhood have been so amazing but the number of drawings per day increased to such amounts that our mom decided not to store them anymore because of space constraints at home! She has damaged most of my school notebooks by scribbling away her caricatures and drawings 😛 and her dress designing skills are so much applauded that my elder sister hasnt stitched any of her dresses in the past 2 yrs (maybe) without getting a design from her! Did you like this tutorial on crepe paper rose flower making? If you did like it, do hit the like button and also share it with your friends. If you have similar ideas on crepe paper rose flowers or if you have tried out this tutorial, do e-mail us and share you joy  How to make Tissue Paper Rose Flowers #8 We shall be more than happy to feature your works in our blog.

Crepe paper rose flower tutorial collage


Angela jose is an engineer by profession and crafter by hobby. She resides in India with her husband and daughter. TheCraftyAngels is her brainchild which is a platform to share craft tutorials.

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