Tealight candle decoration with Washi tape

Tealight candle decoration with washi tape : A simple tutorial for making your tealight a little more eye catchy.Tealight candle decoration with washi tape!

tealight candle decoration with washi tape for diwali craft

I bought this pack of 50 tealights from amazon the other day and I decided to make a few of them pretty 🙂 I had loads of ideas on how to do tealight candle decoration plus there are loads of pins as well on very simple and pretty ideas. Well I decided to go the Indian way and add a lot of gold glitter and patterns 😀 See what I’m talking about ( well the gold and glitter will come in another post :P) ? I’ve also shared few tips and experience while I made these tealight candle decorations. Read on to know more..

Material required to make tealight candle decoration with washi tape

  • Washi tape of Indian/traditional pattern
  • Flat back beads/pearls/kundans ( colors which goes along with washi tape)
  • scissors and glue
  • tealight candle ( of course!)

How I made these tealight candle decorations with washi tape

First of all you can buy tealight candles from your local stores or online ( link here –tealights). There are many qualities of tealights that you get most important factor being the burnout time ( 2-3 hours) and also being smokless. So its better to check for reviews and suggestions before buying them.

Anyways you need to wrap around the tealight candle’s metal casing portion with washi tape of your choice.

tealight candle decoration for diwali diya

The tealight candles that I had purchased weren’t tall enough as the width of the washi tape so I made these small cuts on the extra width and folded them to the base of the holder.

tealight candle decoration for diwali diya

The washi tape I used is navy blue shaded with moroccan pattern in white. I applied glue at the center of each pattern and stuck a flat back half pearl in white shade.

tealight candle decoration for diwali diya

Isnt this the most easiest of work but still so pretty than being plain? You can try these with whatever types of supplies you have around – its only a matter of your creativity and imagination 🙂 There are a few other crafts for Diwali that are already shared on this blog if you are interested :

xoxo Angela

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