Paper Lotus candle holder tutorial

Lotus candle holder tutorial : Make this lotus candle holder in 3 easy steps and light up your home in a pretty and effortless way. Read for photo tutorial.

Lotus candle holder tutorial


Lotus the symbol of beauty and prosperity is no wonder the national flower of India. Make these pretty and colorful paper lotus candle holder in minuted to use as diya holders for this diwali. I have used simple one sided color papers which are a little thicker for making these lotus candle holders. Read on for tutorial

Materials required to make lotus candle holder 

  • Colored paper
  • Pencil
  • scissors
  • glue.
  • small pieces of cartons

Procedure to make lotus candle holder 

This is almost or even simpler than a primary school craft class work but sometimes we need to find joy in doing smaller and simpler things right? So here is a simple tutorial.

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Lotus candle holder tutorial

The lotus candle holder has three layers – two similar and one different. You need to first cut out square shape colored paper of your choice and fold it across its diagonal, next fold against diagonal into half and so forth and eventually make 8 folds.

Lotus candle holder tutorial

You need to cut out this shape into a flower petal by following the lines like in below picture. The one where two lines are drawn will form the outer two layer and the one lined template will be the inner layer. The outer layer will hence have a laced petal and inner layer will have full petals.

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Lotus candle holder tutorial

Once you have cut out shapes, cut out a small circle from a harder paper ( to be kept as base) and start gluing your layers together in order.

Lotus candle holder tutorial

Tada you have the pretty lotus candle holder done. I placed these glitter washi tape embellished tealight candles at the center of each lotus candle holder and look how pretty they are!

Lotus candle holder tutorial

Also I arranged these simple green shaded readymade kundan rangolis ( Tutorial HERE)  around. Here are a few more lovely pics of these lotus candle holders clicked along with readymade kundan rangolis and handpainted diyas.

Lotus candle holder tutorial

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xoxo Angela

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