Readymade Kundan Rangoli Tutorial

Readymade kundan rangoli : Make these kundan rangolis with limited supplies and adorn your doorsteps this festival season. Tutorial with links to supplies.

Readymade kundan rangoli tutorial (8)

Readymade kundan rangolis have become a staple when it comes to any festivities these days. The fact is that we no more have time to put elaborate rangoli designs with all the bright colors nor do we have the space in our apartments for all the floor decorations.Β Readymade Kundan rangoli seems to be the most popular of the readymade rangolis available because of all the bling and glitter that brings out the true festive mood.

Kundan stones : beauty of readymade kundan rangoli

Kundan* is basically a gem set with gold foilΒ between the stone and its mount, traditionally used in jwellery in Rajasthan and Gujrat. Nowadays cheap kundans made of acrylic/plastic glass etc is available in market for various craft works basically around Indian style of decor. I’m not sharing a Readymade kundan rangoli tutorial per se but my way of making one πŸ™‚ Read on to know more :

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Materials required to make Readymade kundan rangoli :

  • Faux Kundan Stones 5mm
  • Carton boxes or OHP sheets ( clear plastic sheet)
  • color papers ( if using cartons as base)
  • glue & scissors

Procedure for making Readymade kundan rangoli

The basic idea of readymade kundan rangoli is to replicate the actual rangoli on a smaller scale in a way that it takes lesser time to arrange. You can make it in one single piece or split them into symmetrical pieces – all depends on the way you want to style and store them.This also means you can select the design of your choice as well! I love the mango shape ( Dont know the actual shape name but I call it so πŸ˜› This is also a pattern seen in most south indian silk sarees) so I decided to make one around them being the prominent ones.

Readymade kundan rangoli tutorial

I cut out a template as usual by making a draft with pencil and finalising a perfect mango shape. Cut out similar shapes 5 mangoes for symmetry and covered them with bright neon lime green colored papers. In case you don’t want base color, you can go for OHP sheets ( or clear plastic sheets you get from stationery shop in A4 size) and cut them out in shapes of your choice.

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Readymade kundan rangoli tutorial

The first round of embellishment would be outline of your shape and you can do them with sequins or kundans or easier still, you can buy ball chains ( chain of small beads) which are easier to make borders with. I gluedΒ lime green small sequins across the border thanks to rhinestoneΒ picking pencil it wasn’t that time consuming.

Readymade kundan rangoli tutorial

Next you need to find the main area where the inner design has to start. It could be a center from where you keep putting concentric circles of different color/shapes of kundans or a corner from where you can start semicircular concentric shapes. There is no hard and fast rule for anything..just go with the flow and keep sticking! I placed a 1.5mm mirror (round) at the center and started working my way around it by sticking various colors and shapes of kundans.

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Readymade kundan rangoli tutorial

Here are some final pictures of the readymade kundan rangoli.

Readymade kundan rangoli tutorial

The paper lotus candle holders are pretty right?The tutorial for that is shared HERE.Β Did you like them? Well I loved making them.

Readymade kundan rangoli tutorial

They are easy and so traditional and pretty πŸ™‚ If you are running out on time for making these, you can always buy them! HERE is a huge collection of very pretty readymade kundan rangolis ( a little pricey but still :P)



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been wanting to make kundan rangoli for a while now, but could not find the acrylic sheet shapes. I never thought to use cardboard!!! Genius!!! Again, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how happy you’ve made me!!! Many blessings to you and your family.

    1. It really makes me happy to read such happy comments from readers πŸ™‚ If you still want acrylic sheets, you can try OHP sheets that you can buy from any stationery shops but they wont hold the kundan weight well and might flip like cloth. There are some facebook sellers selling hard acrylic base in many rangoli shapes which you can buy. But if you wanna go cheap and easy cardboard is the best πŸ™‚

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