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DIY Mini Christmas tree #18

Hello all! Make these cute mini christmas tree to adorn your showcases. Mini christmas tree DIY tutorial with evergreen branches and carton boxes.

DIY Mini Christmas tree 

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As i promised, the second part of my christmas decoration is here 🙂 I really wanted this Christmas to be special but having to spend our Christmas at my home and my in-laws home left me feeling so lazy about decorating my house. But nonetheless i did try out these cutie lil mini christmas trees as our living room centerpiece just above our television set.

Materials required to make mini christmas tree

  1. evergreen tree branch ( i think you call them evergreen tree..i mean just check out the photo and figure out the tree 😛 we call it christmas tree as well).
  2. twine – prefereably green color
  3. empty carton boxes ( i used my daughters cerelac boxes)
  4. maybe a green color paper as well
  5. ribbons/bows/confetti etc for decoration

Stepwise tutorial to make mini christmas tree

Okay so to be frank i guess this is my first self inspired craft 😛 i searched so much on google and pinterest to find tutorial for mini christmas tree that i could adapt but all in vain. So i sat up to make my own and the first one turned out to be a disaster although it looked something close to a tree so i dint discard it 😛

  1. First of all, open up your carton boxes – one box for one tree so select your box depending on the size of the tree you want – mini or very mini!
  2. Assume a mid point of your carton box sheet on one side and start rolling to make a cone. Staple wherever possible to secure the cone tightly. Cut out the bottom part so that you get a flat base for your mini christmas tree to stay straight.
  3. mini christmas tree tutorial3
  4. Your base is done now. You may if you have time stick up this cone with green sheet cz once i made my mini christmas tree i felt my cerelac box was showing here in there between the tree branches although it kinda felt like a decoration.
  5. Now for the mini christmas tree branches, pluck out the leaves of the evergreen from the branches- they are like stick sorts with tiny bits of leaves on it ( you can see in the photos)
  6. mini christmas tree tutorial2
  7. Now depending upon the height of the cone/mini christmas tree base that you made right now, you can decide the number of layers for your mini christmas tree. On an average i guess you can have 3 layers for small cone and 4 for bigger ones.
  8. So just with a random calculation you can figure out the length of branches for each of the layers and cut your branches smaller accordingly.
  9. Take 3-4 of the brnach peices and spread on the cone – start with bottom layer fist. Make sure your branches are placesd low enoough for the base to be covered totally. Take your thread and tie the branches aroud the cone – make sure to tie it not too tight else your bottom layer will tend to keep going up , the tighter you tie. Keep adding more branches side by side in batches of 3-4 at a time followed by one round of the thread around it each time.
  10. mini christmas tree tutorial4
  11. Since your branches have poky leave the thread will very nicely stick around. As i told you make sure you aren’t pulling the thread too tight else your layer will tend to go up leavign a part of your carton box exposed at the bottom ( my first mini christmas tree had al possible defects!)
  12. Once your layer one is over you can start with layer two – you can overlap a little portion of your layer 2 branches over your layer 1 so as to give an actual tree look. Keep doing the same procedure for this layer and keep adding layers till your cone gets covered fully.
  13. Wasnt it really easy ? Maybe the first tree will be a lil not so perfect but if you try it second time im sure you will get the hang of it and  your tree will actually look like a mini christmas tree.
  14. mini christmas tree tutorial5
  15. You can secure the last layer by tightly tying up the last branches at the top of the cone and mayeb you can even hide the thread by tying a ribbon bow on top.
  16. mini christmas tree tutorial6
  17. I decorated my mini christmas tree by cutting strips of shiny gift wrapping paper and by sticking up confetties on it 🙂
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Did you like this mini christmas tree? I know i havent done justice with the tutorial pics but then i have to admit my first attempt on making this was a huge disaster ( that you can see from the pic) but the 2nd and 3rd trees turned out pretty well.

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MIni christmas tree tutorial collage


Angela jose is an engineer by profession and crafter by hobby. She resides in India with her husband and daughter. TheCraftyAngels is her brainchild which is a platform to share craft tutorials.

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