Mini gift box tutorial 2

Christmas tree decoration : Mini Gift Box #19

Christmas tree decoration : Mini Gift Box

Mini gift box tutorial 9

Okay so i think this s the most often that I’ve posted on my blog! Merry Christmas and welcome to my crafty lil Christmasy world 🙂

I hope you liked my previous Christmas posts on Popsicle star HERE and mini Christmas tree HERE.  Although this isnt a very Christmas specific project, these mini gift boxes can be very much used as Christmas tree ornaments especially for people like me who feel bored digging out on the same tree and same ornaments every year! This mini gift box idea can be very well adapted so actual gift box as well and also umpteen number of other projects.

Materials required to make Mini Gift Boxes .

  1. Carton boxes
  2. Pen/pencil & ruler
  3. Glue
  4. Wrapping paper
  5. satin ribbon

Stepwise instruction to make Mini Gift Boxes

I have like zillions of cerelac boxes piled up in my cupboard ( not literally just loads!) that i wanted to keep using for something or other so i generously used them to make my mini Christmas tree HERE and now this mini gift boxes too!

  1. So first of all open your boxes. You can measure and have an idea of what should be your mini gift box size and accordingly, cut out a strip of the cardboard in the desired width using a ruler ( as the width of your cube/mini gift box).
  2. Mini gift box tutorial 9
  3. Draw out a grid of squares using the cut out template scale and and mark out areas as i have marked in my board in the below picture.
  4. Mini gift box tutorial 8
  5. Cut out the grid that you have drawn out and make slits across the flaps wherever required ( its no rocket science – once you cut it out you will know where the slits will fall).
  6. Mini gift box tutorial 7
  7. Now fold on the squares and the flaps/lines ( it would be a good idea to draw the lines with little pressure so that they fold evenly and nicely).
  8. Mini gift box tutorial 6
  9. You know where to glue them so go ahead glue all the extras and get the mini gift box right. A good idea would be to use a cello tape cz for me i found that glue takes a lil time to dry and till then i really dint have the patience to keep holding 😛
  10. Mini gift box tutorial 6
  11. So now that you have the skeleton done you can take your favourite wrapping paper and wrap wrap wrap and tie a cute lil bow to make it look even more cuter than it already is 🙂
  12. Mini gift box tutorial 2 Mini gift box tutorial 1
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So thats it about these lil Mini Gift boxes. I made theses to pair up with my Mini Christmas Tree ( tutorial HERE) and My popsicle Christmas stars (tutorial HERE).

mini christmas tree tutorial1

So thats the grand ending to my blogging marathon for this Christmas and yaaay im off to home tomorrow. Talking about that i have loads to pack – Mine and Grace’s  and i havent started yet! Oh and yes I have some awesome stuff coming up for the new year – an interview with an awesome special Calligrapher in India and also a collaboration project with an  online Indian Handicraft  store 🙂 So its a bbye and final Merry Christmas from me and my family and guys do head over to Deepa’s blog HERE – she s having a Christmas special Blog hop 🙂

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Merry Christmas!!

xoxo Angela



Angela jose is an engineer by profession and crafter by hobby. She resides in India with her husband and daughter. TheCraftyAngels is her brainchild which is a platform to share craft tutorials.

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