Another Bangle wall hanging tutorial

bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (18)

Another Bangle wall hanging tutorial

bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (18)

I have been wanting to try these bangle wall hanging ever since the idea came into my mind but could never get to actually executing it! And when I did finish the project, I couldn’t take good photographs of the bangle wall hanging but I think its better I just post it instead of keeping it pending since I have already moved on to tonnes of other craft projects 😛 The previous bangle wall hanging that I had done using broken glass bangles has been my top post on blog and you can read about it HERE. The bangle wall hanging that I completed now does not involve any cutting or heating unlike the previous one and is relatively simpler one as well. So read on to know how I made these pretty bangle wall hangings :

Materials to make Bangle Wall Hanging :

bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (6)

  • Bangles ( any material but of uniform type) = 6 nos for one finished product.
  • Stocking cloth = color of your choice to cover each bangle completely
  • Needle and thread = matching to color of stocking preferred
  • Embellishment/sequins etc
  • nylon/satin ribbon for hanging

Step by Step procedure to make Bangle Wall Hanging :

The basic idea here is to make colorful cubes using the waste bangles and decorating them with some embellishments. You can follow even your own procedure to make them if you feel you could do it in a better way 🙂 Here is how I made these pretties :

bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (4)

Your stocking cloth comes as a tube like the real stockings and you need to cut it across along the length. Hold one corner of your stockings with the bangle and bring the piece to the opposite side wrapping it around the bangle tightly by stretching it. You will now have a triangle shape over your bangle and you need to pull the open sides together to the same point to get the entire bangle covered. I know I need not explain to this much extent but this is just the way I cover the bangles. I initially tried cutting out small square pieces but they sometimes were too small or just in size because of which I had to struggle to get the ends meet!

bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (13)

You need 6 such stocking covered bangles to make one single unit of bangle wall hanging. I personally preferred single colored stocking for one unit but it is always your choice :).bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (12)

Next what you need to do is to arrange the bangle such that they make a cube shape and somehow make them stay together. I think a flower wire wrapped securely between two bangles would also work but I preferred tying them with needle and thread. I first stitched together four of them in a line and secure the open ends to make a hollow shape like this. The remaining two stocking covered bangles were then secured on the top and bottom.

bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (11)

As you can see, the area where the stockings where tied doesn’t really matter so you can align them in any fashion that you like. I stitched all the four sides almost at the center so that my cube is at least near to 90 deg at all edges. If you connect the edges at random places, chances are that you are going to end up with a skewed cube 😛 ( which again might look good :D)

bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (10)

I then sprinkled some sequins on them. For the first few, I patiently sat making designs but then my lil daughter started messing around with my sequins so I just applied glue and sprinkled the sequins to finish it off soon!

bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (5)

Now the cube does have some open spaces here and there because their sides are actually circles and not squares. I passed my thinnest satin ribbon through the open areas and tied these you in a small bow to make them hang nicely. I made a bunch of them since I have like 2 dozens of metal bangles that I bought from my local shop.

bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (3)

Tips and Tricks in making Bangle Wall Hanging : 

  • You can use any type of bangle for making this bangle wall hanging – plastic, metal, wood etc but just that all 6 bangles for one ball should be of same type.

bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (1)

  • After covering the bangles with stockings, the tied up part can be turned towards one side of the bangle which can be the inner part of the unit so that it is not visible.
  • While making the bangle ball, to get a perfect cube shape, the opposite side bangles need to be placed in similar fashion ie, if one side bangle is placed over its adjacent two bangles, the one opposite to it also should be the same.

bangle wall hanging stepwise photo tutorial (15)

Hope you liked this bangle wall hanging and are planning to try these as well. If you have any DIYs or Crafts that you have tried recently, you could send the work along with good photographs ( submission guidelines HERE) so that we could feature them on TCA . I would love to hear from you and your comments would really keep me charged up for creating and sharing more 🙂

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