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make money bloggingWelcome to! :)

We would love to have a contribution from you.

Do I make money blogging about craft tutorials on

No or rather not yet because TCA was built to spread creativity and not for monetory benefit although a little income through TCA would definitely help with its hosting charges 😛

Can you make money blogging about craft and craft tutorials?

If you own a craft blog I’m sure you know how difficult it is even with adsense ! You can although make money selling your craft which might be an easier idea than blogging right?

Can you make money blogging with TCA?

Sure you can 🙂 No matter if we earn through our blog or not, you sure will get paid for every one of your tutorial article published and also for TCA inspired craft work showcase articles published.

Want to make money blogging with TCA?

Read till the end and write to us at [email protected]

Before you start writing on our blog you will have to tell us if you are associated, in any manner, with any other Arts,Crafts&Home decor related blog or not. You’d also need to provide us these two things:

  • A scanned copy/ image of your photo ID proof and your contact details.
  • Bank account details :

Account Holder’s Name:
Account Number:
IFSC Code:

Article Copyright

We would be holding the copyright of the article and the images that you sell to us, so you are bound not to reproduce or re-sell the article in any form either online or offline. Please send us original work completed by you because the whole idea of paid tutorials & articles is to empower and encourage you to create something beautiful and share it with all of us. If you are already a arts,crafts & homedecor blogger we recommend that you write guest post for us and you can email to us about it at [email protected]

We take articles on the following: is blog that intends to help others learn crafts and also try them at their home. In the same context , its hence necessary that each of the article is a learning experience both for yourself and the readers.

We take articles of two forms

  1. Tutorial articles
  2. Craft work showcase articles based on tutorials already published on TCA

The tutorial articles submitted can be from any arts,crafts & home decor area preferably as below :

  • Flower making
  • Quilling
  • Recycle crafts
  • Newspaper weaving
  • Cardmaking techniques
  • Home decor DIYs
  • Traditional Indian Art & Craft forms tutorial
  • Jewellery making
  • Clay/terracota crafts
  • Painting/watercoloring/pencil sketching/drawing/illustrations
  • Needlework/embroidery/sewing

Your article need not be restricted to the above categories but we insist that you share your idea/inspiration photographs etc before start of the project if you intend to get it published with us.

Payment & Sponsored Craft Products

The brighter side of having to take the trouble of taking photographs and editing and blogging etc is the payment and sponsored craft products 🙂

  • Each tutorial accepted and published in TCA will be paid Rs.100 and the same will be transferred to the bank account details submitted to us. The payment will be transferred by 3rd of every month for the previous month. For instance if you have 3 published tutorials for the month of March, Rs.300 will be credited to your account by April 3rd.
  • Articles on craft works inspired by tutorials on TCA will be paid Rs.100 for every 4 articles submitted within a span of 60days. The writers of the tutorials cannot avail this option and also, the crafts based on same tutorial will be considered as one article.
  • For each tutorial published, the writer will receive a bonus of 100 points apart from the Rs.100 payment. Validity of the bonus points will be for 30 days and for every time your bonus points reached 500, you can write to us at [email protected] and TCA will sponsor a gift voucher worth Rs.500 from any leading Indian online arts&crafts stores. Please not bonus point is only for tutorials.


Article Format & Quality

General guidelines for all articles:

  • Each article should have at least 1000 words and kindly avoid writing article in SMS language (u, ur, lemme, dis, dat, etc.).
  • Articles with ill written procedures/not complying to the heading categories as explained below/lesser word count etc will not be accepted. We will be editing your article for grammar & SEO but you need to make the task easier by submitting well written articles and make it worth the money you earn from them.
  • The photographs should be taken on camera. Please keep your camera in Macro mode and take the photographs on white background with adequate lighting. Photos taken on floor/table/bedspread etc with poor lighting and ones taken on phones will not be accepted. Please do not watermark images (refer copyright section)
  • Tutorial articles for craft works already covered on TCA will not be accepted. You can however submit it as TCA inspired craft work showcase article.

Guidelines for Paid Tutorial articles :

  • There should be at least 3 photographs of the final craft work apart from photographs taken during execution of the work.The photographs for the tutorial should be such that a reader should understand the basic steps involved in making the craft by seeing the photographs alone and not having to read through the written content.
  • The tutorial should be written under headings as: intro, history of the craft/how you came to know about the craft/what was the need to make the craft item, material required, step by step procedure, tips & tricks, supplies list with brand,source,specification&price (approx).

Guideline for paid TCA tutorial Inspired Craft work Showcase articles :

  • There should be atleast 5 good quality photographs of the final craft work in various angles and showing all details.
  • The write up should be atleast 600 words with a link to the tutorial from TCA based on which the work has been done. The write up shall include a brief detail of your version of the work, differences you incorporated, any new learning you gained which was not written in original tutorial article.
  • TCA tutorial inspired craft work articles are not eligible for bonus points.

Guidelines for Guest Post articles :

If you own an art,craft&home decor related  blog and want to link with all crafters by sharing tutorials on TCA, you are more than welcome.

  • Guests can post only tutorial articles with guidelines same as paid tutorial articles ( mentioned above)
  • The post can have a maximum of three linkbacks to your blog – either main page or specific posts
  • Also submit a small intro about yourself at the bottom of your article
  • Guest post articles are not eligible for payment or bonus points.


I have read all rules and t&c and I cant wait to start! What should I do?

Please send us 3 photographs of any craft work you have finished in the past along with a 200word writeup about the same. This is for us to get an idea about your crafting, photography and writing skills which are very important to get your tutorial published. We do not want to disappoint you by making you submit an tutorial and reject it later on grounds of poor photograph/writing skills etc.

I have sent sample writeup and photographs. What next?

You will be sent a confirmation email if we accept your writeup which means you have officially been inducted into team TCA and you can further propose any craft you intend to make by sending us an email. Please make sure you discuss  your idea beforehand so that we can confirm if the same has been covered already or not.

How long will it take for my article to get published after submission?

Once you have emailed us your article, we will send you a confirmation email within 48hrs informing whether any changes need to be made. Once its resubmitted, the article will be published within 72hours.

Can I submit many articles at a time?

Of course you can but since we are a small team, we will take a little more time to process your articles if there are more at a time 🙂

My article has been published yaay! So when do I get my payment?

We maintain full records of all our contributers and their articles on up-to-date basis. The payment for all articles submitted in a month will be credited to your account by 3rd of the next month. Do not forget to submit your bank details along with photo ID copy for ease of verification and transfer of cash on time

I send out articles to you regularly and they get published as well. Is there a way I could be earning more than others?

We love regular writers and yes we will definitely give you perks for that! Also not to forget our sponsored products offer for regular contributers 🙂 .

I already own a craft blog. Can I still write for you?

Yes sure. We would love to collaborate with other crafters! Only one condition – the tutorial should already not have been published on your blog and if you are watermarking your images, thats fine but it should be as “XXXXX for” We will not be paying you and you will not be eligible for the sponsored product programme but we will allow three link backs to your blog or to any referred article on your blog through the submitted post.

I have made things but they have already been covered as tutorials on TCA. Is there a way I can still earn?

Yes sure! Just because we have published a tutorial doesn mean you should not make the same! TCA is a platform to learn as well as share so please submit your works. Every 4 crafts completed based on any tutorial on TCA willl earn Rs100 provided one writer submits only one craft of the same type. For instance you cannot submit quilled beehive flower in 4 different colors as 4 products – it will be considered as one product.

Ready to make money blogging by sharing your crafty adventures with us? Mail us at [email protected]




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    I am looking for Encaustic painting supplies, can anyone help me, where I can buy these products [wax paintings]

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      Dear Noor, I havent come across this type of painting supplies yet. I doubt if its readily available in Indian market. Nevertheless, you can contact – maybe they can pre order them from abroad. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Angela,

        I am the founder of We are trying to help the indian artists which are unsegmented as of to show their online presence and showcase their unique products. You might find the kind of products that Noor is looking via our Artists. Also, i have been following your blogs for sometime and it has really amazing content. Can we chat sometime?


        1. angela says:

          I have sent an email. We can discuss about a possible collaboration

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