Bangle craft

Bangle Craft Wall Hanging Tutorial #7

Hello angels!

I love wearing accessories that match my outfit. But what do you do so when u have so many bangles of same color and you aren’t wearing them anymore? Well here is what you do with it – Bangle craft ! Yes! I bought these new glass bangles to materialize my bangle craft idea and with lot of efforts,after breaking so many bangles in vain, i finished it with a beautiful bangle craft wall hanging! Read more on how to make these in simple steps!

Bangle craft

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bangle craft

Bangle craft

bangle craft

 Bangle craft

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Materials required to make bangle craft :

  1. Glass bangles
  2. Candle & matches
  3. Feviquick
  4. Thread
  5. Kundan/button/mirror/embellishment ( Itsy Bitsy cut mirror)
  6. Wire cutter

Tutorial for making Bangle Craft :

The whole idea of making this bangle craft lies in bending the glass bangles and that requires some practice – you are gonna waste atleast 3 bangles to learn the right heat and right pressure to be applied. So here we go :

  1. First of all take caution while making this bangle craft because it requires breaking the glass bangle and also heating them so this is strictly NOT a kids craft.
  2. Take your bangle and cut a small piece out of it using the cutter. The size of the piece is your wish – the larger the size, thinner & smaller will be your petal size. Do not throw away your smaller piece cz thats going to be used for making smaller flowers 🙂
  3. Now, mark the center of your bigger piece – that has to be atleast nearer to the center or else you will end up with petals having tails!
  4. Light your candle. Now hold your marked point of your bangle piece right above the flame. The glass bangle is going to take atleast 1 or maybe another half more minute to start being flexible. (Tip: While you holding the bangle above the flame, do not try to bend it. Just hold it loose. As it heats up, it will bend on its own).
  5. Bend the bangle in such a way that the two open ends come together. ( Do not heat the bangle further as it can make it curl and that will make the gluing up part difficult)
  6. Bangle craft tutorial
  7. The number of petals that you make totally depends upon your choice. Here, I have used 4 petals in two layers for the main flower and 5 petals single layer for the smaller flowers.
  8. The smaller glass bangle pieces that were cut out can also be bent the same way as before but with a little more caution as they are smaller pieces and might heat up more.
  9. Now before you glue up the petals into a flower for the base layer, its better to mark the layout arrangement on a paper and start gluing so that you dont end up in an assymetric shape.
  10. For the ssecond layer, arrange the petals over the first layer such that the flower looks complete.
  11. For making the single layered flower, Ive used a small but if transparent sheet over which the petals were arranged and glued.
  12. Now hang them up the way you feel like of stick them with double sided tapes 🙂

Did you like this glass bangle wall hanging? Do try them out yourself and link them to back to me so that i can see them too 🙂 Also, here are some other glass/metal bangle projects i would love to try out 🙂


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Angela jose is an engineer by profession and crafter by hobby. She resides in India with her husband and daughter. TheCraftyAngels is her brainchild which is a platform to share craft tutorials.

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  1. Oh so lovely, I must try this, I usually throw broken bangle pieces..

    1. angela says:

      Hey Vasudha!! yeah the bangle craft wall hanging is a very easy thing to make with broken glass bangles. And hey check for glass bangle frames on google- they seem to work better for smaller broken pieces 🙂 I just checked your blog..loved your library 🙂

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