newspaper weaving newspaper weaved tray tutorial (2)

Newspaper Weaving Tray Tutorial

Newspaper weaving tray tutorial : A perfect simple DIY to try at home with old newspapers. Do try this newspaper weaving tray by following the instructions.

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I am already feeling so good by recycling loads of newspapers that are decorating my house instead of going to the trash. Here I have made a simple tray out of old newspapers and leaflets by newspaper weaving method. I will be using this as a decorative tray that will sit on the counter or table in my living room. It will give an asthetic look to the corner as well as it will help me to keep some flowers or keys and change them occasionaly.

 Materials Required for Newspaper Weaving Tray Tutorial: 

newspaper weaving newspaper weaved tray tutorial hjj(1)

  • Newspaper or Advertisement leaflets
  • White glue
  • A Skewer or Knitting needle
  • Glue Gun or Super Glue
  • Acrylic Paint or Watercolors
  • Water Sealant or PPA(Perfect Paper Adhesive)
  • Decorative Flower (Optional)

Step by step tutorial for making Newspaper Weaving Tray :

Step 1: Prepare paper tubes by rolling the paper strip over the skewer. I can’t say how many tubes you will require. So try to make as many as possible before starting the project.

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newspaper weaving newspaper weaved tray tutorial hjj(1)

 Step 2:  Now gently flatten the tubes between your finger or with the help of a ruler or hard object.newspaper weaving newspaper weaved tray tutorial hjj(1)
 Step 3: Start rolling the tubes one by one to form a large coil of the desired shape. I have made an oval shape tray. You can try a circular in the beginning and as you practice, you can experiment with sqaure and rectangle as well. Keep adding the tubes until you are satisfied with the size required. Be careful while rolling, roll as tight as possible by placing it on a hard surface like a table or floor.
newspaper weaving newspaper weaved tray tutorial hjj(1)
 Step 4: Now  apply a generous amount of white glue all over the coil so that all the tubes get secured together perfectly. While the glue is still wet, using both the hands, hold the coil and slowly push the center inwards, and the edges outwards to get the desired shape. This has to be done very slowly, or else you will ruin the coil.
newspaper weaving newspaper weaved tray tutorial (2)

Step 5: Once it is dried for around 1 hour, start painting it with your choice of color. You can even decoupage at this stage if you donot want to use any paint. Now let the paint dry completely for 1-2 hours and then give a second coat of paint incase you want a darker shade.

newspaper weaving newspaper weaved tray tutorial (2)

Step 6: I have decorated the edge of the tray with a newspaper plait by newspaper weaving just like how you would plait your hair. For making the plait, hold three paper tubes together and start making a plait in the same way as we make hair plaits. Stick this paper plait on the edge of the tray with the help of Glue gun. After it is dry,paint it.

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newspaper weaving newspaper weaved tray tutorial (2)

 Step 7: For some more decoration,I have glued a porcelain clay flower. You can also use a paper flower or satin flower or any other thing of your choice.
 Step 8:  Finally, coat the tray with a sealant or paper varnish. I have used 2 coats of Triple Thick Glaze.
newspaper weaving newspaper weaved tray tutorial (2)
So did you find this Newspaper Weaving Tray Tutorial useful? Do let us know if you have tried any similar Newspaper Weaving works and sure don’t forget to mail us some pictures 🙂

Thank you,

Simply Meraki

Author details : Kavitha is an avid crafter and her creations can be seen on her facebook page “Simply Meraki” (HERE). We absolutely love her paper beads and jewellery collection!

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  1. Am trying this don’t know how it will how come out anyway after completing i ll share it.

    1. angela says:

      Hey Akshma. Please do send us the pictures 🙂 When I first tried newspaper weaved basket, I had tried a different version but the problem with mine was I did not make the newspaper tubes nicely. I made them tight and sturdy that they refused to flatten 😛 Good luck with your project and send us the piccies too 🙂

      1. Akshma says:

        Hi Angela, I tried newspaper weaving by seeing the tutorial and you can view my work here’s the link

        1. angela says:

          Thankyou so much Akshma! You have done a wonderful job especially with the patriotic theme 😉 Even I should try i think..looks pretty cool 🙂

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