Generation Stamping Technique: Black &white CAS Card

Generation Stamping Technique: Black &white CAS Card

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As you might have seen from my recent post, you should be getting that stamping bug has bit me πŸ˜› I’m buying stamps and inks like crazy and trying out various techniques. I think the various craft challenges hosted by many Indian blog ( as listed HERE) really helps in being consistent and also trying new stuffs. So I made this black and white CASΒ card using generation stamping technique for Kraftzone challenge for June 2015.

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This is also the first time I was trying embossing. As I did not have a heat gun, I tried many techniques suggested on many blogs and youtube videos but eventually my own method worked out πŸ˜›

  • I tried ironing with my normal iron box but then half the embossing powder melted on the paper I had put on top of the actual card πŸ™
  • I tried holding the iron very close to the paper but it did not melt the embossing powder.
  • I tried my hair dryer but it blew off all the powder haha!
  • I tried holding it above my stove flame but then I guess since the burner is circular , the heat was distributed over larger area and it got over melted! It looked like somebody scraped it off the paper πŸ™
  • So lastly IΒ tried with cigarette lighter πŸ˜› Held it very close ( blue flame ) and moved it quickly mimicking the outline of the sentiments as soon as one area was melted.

What is Generation Stamping Technique ?

Generation stamping is a technique wherein a single ink is used to create different shaded images by stamping it multiple times without re-inking. What you need to do in this technique is to ink your stamp well and stamp once to get your first generation image, without reinking, stamp again for your second generation image and so on. It really depends on the ink whether you can go for third and fourth generation images or not. Here is a blog post from Catchy Designs (HERE)Β where Deepti has made this beautiful hearts card using generation stamping technique.

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Ideally generation stamping technique is supposed to create images of different shades and you need to probably experiment with the inks you have in hand to find out if the shades turn out visibly different or not. Im linking below two videos that explain in detail how to do generation stamping :

You can see from the above videos how different shades/colors can be achieved through generation stamping technique even if you do not have many inkpads.

Materials required to make Black and White CAS Card using Generation Stamping Technique :

  • Cardstock – White and Black ( I used Brustro drawing paper for white and applied black soot distress ink for black )
  • White embossing powder (Rangers)
  • Versamark watermark inkpad
  • Flower stamp and sentiment stamp ( I used Hero arts Cleardesign: Friends )
  • Archival black ink
  • Acrylic block

Step by step procedure to make Black and white CAS card using Generation Stamping Technique :

To be frank, I wanted to try generation stamping technique but what I eventually achieved was something totally different because there was no different shades of images that I got! But anyways I wanted a black and white CAS card so I just let it be!

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I made this card with one layer over a no-card. The no card was cut out from normal white cardstock A2 size (5-1/2 x 4-1/4)Β and the layer was trimmed a little lesser than the no-card.I used Brustro drawing paper for the first layer where I have tried generation stamping technique. I used the small flower stamp from the set Cleardesign : FriendsΒ by Hero Arts with Rangers Archival black ink. I did three generations of stamping and I assume its obvious from the brightness/strength of the images.

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (10)

I tore the layer at about a little beyond half of its length with hand to create a torn effect and brushed the torn part with black soot distress ink. This layer was glued to the no-card with the help of tacky tape.

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (9)

For the sentiment, since I did not have a black cardstock in hand, I used a white one by covering it with black soot distress ink after embossing my sentiment.

As I told you before, I did quite a lot of experiment to finally come out with this result although it isnt really a success!Β I used ” You are in my thoughts sentiment” from Hero Arts Cleardesign – Friends stampsetΒ and stamped it on white brustro drawing paper with versamark ink.

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (2)

I covered it with RangersΒ white embossing powder and used the blue flame of cigarette to set it. There were many stray particles here and there which I shouldve maybe avoided using an anti static pad ( which I dont have !). Here is the embossed result over which I used black soot distress ink.

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Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (5)

Here is a closer look of the embossing – The stray particle really created a havoc there plus the S in thoughts was not stamped properly I think or I brushed off the powder by mistake at the corner.Since I had already attempted this many times I just felt content with the outcome even though it wasn’t really perfect.

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (4)

I cut out the sentiment to a ribbon shape because there were too many unwanted embossing here and there which I wanted to avoid πŸ˜€

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (6)

Here is a look at the final black and white CAS card that I made using generation stamping technique and heat embossing. Do let me know your views and thoughts in the comment box below πŸ™‚

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (8)

See you soon with another card. Phew I need to take a break from paper crafting and try my hand on something else πŸ˜› Hey yeah also we have Roshni Gupta joining us with tutorials soon. Keep watching this space for more new crafters and their tutorials! In case you are interested in contributing tutorials, please do go through the link HERE for submissions.

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