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DIY Decorative Hangings Tutorial #21

Hello angels! A DIY Decorative hangings tutorial. Make use of waste cello-tape cores to make these cute and adorable DIY Decorative hangings. Follow photo tutorial.

DIY Decorative Hangings Tutorial 

DIY Decorative hangings 1

This is so unlikely of me to write 2 posts in a week straight but yes you guessed it right! My new year resolution for 2015 is to not ignore my baby blog and also to take fitness more seriously ( aha yes!) . As a part of “growing” my blog, if you have noticed I have started an interview series with various artists last year. This year i have come up with a new plan – guest posts by fellow crafters. So the first guest post is by my fellow crafter Anila’s – DIY Decorative hangings tutorial.


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Materials required to make  DIY Decorative hangings

  1. Cellophane tape cores
  2. Woolen thread/yarn
  3. Embellishments

Step by step tutorial to make  DIY Decorative hangings

Anila has sent me these really good tutorial on making these very cute looking DIY Decorative hangings that needs no words to explain but still if the photos havent loaded yet , keep reading!

  1. Take your woollen thread and neatly wrap your cardboard ring so that the entire area is covered.
  2. Stick your embellishments
  3. Yes thats it 🙂 Your DIY Decorative hangings is ready!

DIY decorative hangings 3


DIY decorative hangings 4

DIY decorative hangings 2

Wasnt that quite simple? Even the embellishments can be handmade from waste papers so its like a totally recycled DIY decorative hanging!

Thank you Anila for this awesome yet simple tutorial 🙂 Do give a thumbs up to her creativity by liking her facebook page at Novel Ideas. If you like to see more of her works, do back me up in convincing her to share more tutorials 🙂 And if any of you are interested in sharing your tutorials, please do contact me HERE

decorative wall hangings collage


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