Craft giveaway

Craft Giveaway III Sponsored by Crafters Corner

Craft Giveaway III Sponsored by Crafters Corner

Craft giveaway

So we are back again with our third giveaway sponsored by our generous Shalini Mittal of Crafters Corner. If you are into paper-crafting then Crafters Corner needs no introduction because its one of the best and well stocked online craft supply shop.


As a token of gratitude to all my readers and supporters, I have arranged a giveaway 2015 series of 6 giveaways running through 2 months and we have already covered two of the giveaways sponsored by Rainbow Craftykari and Thecraftshop . For the third  craft giveaway, we have one of our lovely online Indian Craft store – Crafters Corner by Shallini Mittal sponsoring a gift voucher worth Rs.500 to one lucky winner.

Blog Introspection for one year anniversary & Craft Giveaway 

  • I have shifted my blog posts from DIYs to mostly cards because I feel they are easy to make or rather takes lesser time. But I miss all the DIYs !
  • I’m thinking of planning my blog posts in such a way that each months posts are a mix of paper crafts, Indian arts, home decor and DIYs. Yeah I’m definitely missing the variety of crafts that I used to do before 🙁
  • We bought this plywood sheets to make open shelves for my craft supplies but have not started working on it yet. Once that is done, I want to do some de-cluttering and organizing of my craft supplies.
  • I’m happy the way the blog is running this year. Probably because my LO has grown up and I can craft and post more frequently. Plus also because some nice crafters have joined me here in bringing up really nice tutorials for you guys 🙂
  • Also you guys would know already about earn for tutorial submission programme HERE. Send me an email at [email protected] if you are interested 🙂
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Get to know me session on Craft Giveaway :

If you like to know something about me or the blog or anything technical about setting up your blog ( the whole blog setup and design has been done by me), you can drop them in the comments below.

Do I ever sleep ?

This was a question asked by one fellow crafter and I jokingly said nah 😛 I do sleep however the amount of sleep is very less. I used to be a sleeping log when in school and college but now with a baby, no scope of continuous sleep! My general routine is play with grace from 6 till 7 in park, then 7 till 8 depending on her mood will be working on blog post or playing with her, 8 till again depending on her mood is grace’s dinner time, and after that my laptop keeps running rhymes over and over so cant work! By 1030 once she is alseep I do my exercise routine and then dinner and then some cleanups and then by the time I shift grace from cradle to bed its almost 12. Depending upon whether I’m sleepy or not, I either craft or blog 😀 Max I stay awake is till 130 so I kinda get to sleep for atleast 3 hours from then 😉 Isn’t that enough?

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Where do you generally shop for your craft supplies?

Depends on the stuff I am buying. Anyways I’ll list it out here :

  • Quilling supplies – CraftGully
  • Hobby crafts like ribbons, papers, paints, ceramic etc etc – Itsy Bitsy
  • Stamps Cardstock Inks etc – Craftshop and Crafters Corner

Do you intend to blog full time?

No 😛 Crafting is my hobby and I think I like to keep it that way. Plus who will pay for all my craft shoppings if I quit my job 😛

 Rules of entry for the craft giveaway with Crafters Corner:

  • Entry for the craft giveaway II is through inlinkz option given at the bottom of the post. Please link up with your Facebook page in the link up so that we can verify your other entries.
  • Like and follow on Facebook ( HERE)
  • Like and follow Crafters Corner on Facebook (HERE)
  • Subscribe to (for email updates – HERE. Please confirm to subscription by checking you email. If not confirmed, entry will be considered invalid)
  • Share this post about TCA giveaway 2015 on your Facebook wall and tag 5 other friends who might be interested ( Please make this shared post public so that we can verify)
  • This craft giveaway will run from 1st July till 10th July 2015.
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It was observed that many entries in my previous giveaways fulfilled only few of the rules most of them dealing with facebook! Please take some time to come out of Facebook and subscribe  to my blog and enter your name here as well to qualify for the winners goodies 🙂

P.S. Winners of the craft giveaway with crafters corner will be announced on “winners page” .


Angela jose is an engineer by profession and crafter by hobby. She resides in India with her husband and daughter. TheCraftyAngels is her brainchild which is a platform to share craft tutorials.

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  1. Thank you so much for the giveaway Angela..I missed the last two giveaways but not this one..I love reading your posts and tutorials.Though I know the technique that you are showing still I read till the last word in your post..

    Keep crafting ☺

    1. angela says:

      Hello Mounica,
      You made my day 🙂 I am so happy that you have taken time to go through my posts till the very end 🙂 Such kind words actually keeps me going 🙂 About the giveaway not to worry ..we have loads more coming till august end 🙂

  2. neha jain says:

    hi, its my first time here. Looking forward to your guidance

    1. angela says:

      Dear neha,

      The rules of giveaway are clearly stated in the post. Please follow them for being eligible to win 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Sarina says:

    Hi Angela,

    I’m a new follower, and I have to say I’m really impressed by your creativity and generosity. I used to craft every day till a few years back, but then work took over completely. I’ve only recently been able to get back to it, since multiple surgeries have made it difficult to work at my normal pace, which is really a blessing of sorts.. I just completed my first art journal page, and am hoping to set aside time for regular crafting after I recover, and your blog is very inspirational.. so many things that I want to try!

    How do you ever find the time?? 😛

    1. angela says:

      Hello Sarina!
      Welcome to my little crafty world. Hope this comment finds you in pink of your health. Congratulations on your art journal! Haven’t ventured into journalling yet because I have hell loads of projects in head already that haven’t seen daylight 😛 Yeah time seems to be a constraint for everyone when it comes to pursuing a hobby and same is the case with me. I rather finish my works in installments over a month or so because the max I get in one sitting is half an hour 😛 A dedicated workspace helps because that saves the time to setup and cleanup after every session 😛

  4. Just saw the give away excited in participating.Just have a doubt whether it closes by tomrw or 15th july.u have mentioned as 10th july but inlinkz shows 5 days more and i didn’t receive any mail related to it(already subscribed)

    1. angela says:

      Hello Akshma,
      Thankyou so much for pointing out the glitch! My initial plan was to conduct for 10 days because I have 3 more giveaways planned ahead after this! But unfortunately I think by mistake I set up inlinkz for 15 days. No problem – a reason to celebrate 😛 More time to enter the craft giveaway ha ah !

  5. Yeahh.i don’t own a fb page so I linked My blog post and shared it on fb it’s ok rright?

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