Craft Giveaway II with TheCraftShop

Craft Giveaway II with TheCraftShop

Craft giveaway thecraftyangels


Welcome to another Craft Giveaway from TCA . I’m so glad to have received tremendous response to my previous craft giveaway in collaboration with Rainbow Craftykari HERE for which the winner was Afreen Banu. Β Today we have a Craft Giveaway sponsored by TheCraftShop for Craft goodies worth Rs.500!!! So what are we waiting for ? Lets start ! But before that, here is my blog introspection dairy and also a little about myself πŸ™‚


As a token of gratitude to all my readers and supporters, I have arranged a giveaway 2015 series of 6 giveaways running through 2 months starting today. For this secondΒ  craft giveaway, we have one of our lovely online Indian Craft store – The Craft Shop by Priya SivrajΒ sponsoringΒ Craft goodies worth Rs.500 to one lucky winner.

Blog Introspection for one year anniversary

  • I spend a lot of time editing the blog I mean the technical and background stuffs of it or rather waste my time on it! Is it an easy thing to do ? Yes if you are blogging for the fun of it and do not care about SEOΒ and all relater weird shit!
  • I am still sticking on to my agenda of sharing only tutorials on my blog. Making tutorial is difficult since you have to keep photographing at each step and there is a possibility that your work turns out bad due to the breaks you are taking to get the pictures!
  • I want more crafter interaction here not just papercrafters but thats not happening. Somehow I feel India is not yet ready to spend quality time crafting. Its either for business related purpose or its a sidelined activity without much investment of time or money.
  • I have been wanting to start a section on home improvement but I’m getting it to nowhere becasue firstly there is little help here in India regarding resources available and secondly I want to be satisfied completely before I post my home photographs here πŸ˜›
  • Also you guys would know already about earn for tutorial submission programme HERE. Send me an email at [email protected] if you arr interested πŸ™‚
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Get to know me session :

If you like to know something about me or the blog or anything technical about setting up your blog ( the whole blog setup and design has been done by me), you can drop them in the comments below.

What camera do you use to capture your photographs for the blog?

I’m not a photograph enthusiast. I am satisfied as long as my photographs look well lit and has captured the real beauty of my worksΒ ! I use Canon IXUS to capture most of my works and sometimes when its battery has died out and I have to take photographs before lil grace wakes up, I shoot with my Sony cybershot.

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Any particular tips for craft photography?

The tips are simple and maybe repeated but they are definitely to be followed for good photographs :

  • Have a well lit room for photographing. Do not stand right under the sun for this one – you will end up with glare!
  • Use a white background – maybe you could invest in 2 chart papers. When in doubt, have a plain white background.
  • Props are apt when they look good and they go well with the theme of your craft.
  • Always always always edit your photographs. I use photoshop to edit the photographs only mostly lighting, and also to watermark/add title texts etc
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Whats your other hidden talent?

I actually do not have any talents πŸ˜› We all need to practice and keep interest in order to develop them until then , you actually have no talents! Other than crafting, Im more so interested in home improvement ( which unfortunately is not working here right now!)

Β Rules of entry for the giveaway 2015 with TheCraftShopΒ :

    • Entry for the craft giveaway IIΒ is through inlinkz option given at the bottom of the post. Please link up with your Facebook page in the link up so that we can verify your other entries.
    • Like and follow on Facebook ( HERE)
    • Like and follow TheCraftShopΒ on Facebook (HERE)
    • Subscribe to (for email updates – HERE. Please confirm to subscription by checking you email. If not confirmed, entry will be considered invalid)
    • Share this post about TCA giveaway 2015 on your Facebook wall and tag 2 other friends who might be interested ( Please make this shared post public so that we can verify)

It was observed that many entries in my previous giveaways fulfilled only few of the rules most of them dealing with facebook! Please take some time to come out of Facebook and subscribe Β to my blog and enter your name here as well to qualify for the winners goodies πŸ™‚

P.S. Winners will be announced on “winners page” along with individual email.

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  1. Please I want to win this I make hand crafted things and love art you can see my work on the website mentioned .Hope to win !! lovely work on the blog keep up the good work ..

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