Ubyld diy website review online india

uByld website review : Online DIY Store India

uByld website review : India’s first DIY online store and I loved their kit! Read uByld website review to know about my new DIY Pablo shelf & its assembly!

Ubyld diy website review online india

I came across uByld from an article that appeared on The Hindu ( HERE) . Should you kn0w about my first reaction? Being the online shopping addict that I am, I could hardly contain my joy when I came to know about the first DIY shop in India!! And clearly I wasnt disappointed!

ABOUT :  uByld website review :  Online DIY Store India

Ubyld.com is the first ecommerce venture to set up an online shop for DIY activities in India. They set up easy to make kits which includes just everything from wood to screws & adhesive you need to make the product! Ubyld is a collective efforts of many hardworking and brilliant carpenters spearheaded by three awesomely creative people : Shobha Nair, Pradeep Nair and Denzil D’Souza.

ubyld online diy website india

We in the uByld team are avid DIYers. Having started one of the largest India-specific DIY groups on Facebook (Do It Yourself – India), we felt the need to encourage Indians to do adopt the DIY culture. In India, the problem lies in sourcing material, not having enough or proper tools and directions. On one sunny day, it struck us that we could help everyone by taking on this part of the job. We take the pain out of sourcing and instructions, we create easy-to-build kits from which DIYers can make great-looking furniture. We set about recruiting the best woodworkers (trust us when we tell you that they are the best) and set them the task of creating easy-to-use kits. Our products were a hit in our closed test group, and here we are!

Website and Products – uByld website review :  Online DIY Store India

The website is very elegantly designed with not too many confusing options and details. The main landing page has a list of “latest added products”, “most viewed products” etc along with a useful top menu.

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Ubyld diy website review online india

The menu is based on location of use of your DIYed product like kitchen, living room etc and you have submenus to select from as well.

  • Living room – desks, shelves, shoeracks etc
  • Kitchen – shelves, benches, trays etc
  • Entertainment- wine racks etc
  • Bath
  • Garden – planters, stands etc
  • Kids – seating, toys storage etc
  • Wood – wood panels
  • vByld – prebuilt furnitures

The price range of kits varies from Rs.600 to Rs.2000  and I think it is quite affordable given the kind of quality and prework that goes into the kit preperation. I loved the fact that they provide a pack of raw wood panels (HERE) if we want to desing something of our own and if you are too lazy, you could as well choose from the prebuilt (HERE) products ( only deliverable to bangalore)

Ubyld diy website review online india

The categories page has a neatly placed tiled layout of prodcuts with subcategory option to filter at the left pane of the window.

Ubyld diy website review online india

The product page is probably the best designed page fully loaded with all the information you need to know about the kit and its assembly. The page shows pictures of fully assembled final product photographs as well as details such as products measurements, kit supplies list,instructions, 3d view etc. The team also gives you option to buy the product as a uByld kit or a preassembled vByld product ( at extra charge for Bangalore residents)and also various wood color finishes to choose from

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My Experience : uByld website review : Online DIY Store India

I have to admit that I have absolutely no complaints about uByld but in fact so so so much loads of praises! First of all for setting up your store so that I could finally finally build something of my own ( although my hubby did the major assembling & drilling 😛 .

ubyld online diy website in india review

I loved almost all the kits on their website but since I was new and I also had not read any reviews before about uByld, I was a little apprehensive about buying an expensive kit. I had an opportunity to interact with Mr.Denzil from Ubyld team and all my doubts were set aside! I ordered for a pablo kit which was a corner occupying wall shelf in zigzag sort of shape.

ubylddiy website review online india

My kit contained wood panels all cut into sqarish-rectanglish panels with marking stickers at every corner, screws, screwdriver and adhesive. The kit contained a very 2-page detailed how to assemble instructions along with pictorial representations which were quite easy to follow. Each of the wooden pieces had small stickers at various sides and corners which had markings like c1,2,3,4,5 etc and the planks had to be matched edge to edge in terms of ascending/descending order of markings.

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ubylddiy website review online india

The kit wouldve taken less than 1 hour to assemble if not for our little daughter who wanted to sit in between the assembled shelf parts! The final product was not very vertical as they did mention in the instruction sheets but as we mounted it on the wall, it was perfect!

What I liked : uByld website review :  Online DIY Store India 


ubylddiy website review online india

  • The only DIY store online in India who offer a complete kit as well as raw wood!
  • The wood is of really good quality, accurately cut,polished and varnished ( you have many choices of final look as well).

What I did not like : uByld website review :  Online DIY Store India

ubylddiy website review online india

  • The screw driver they provided with the kit was actually of little help for assembling. At some places, the screwdriver was too long that it was impossible to tighten it in tilted angle. Maybe they should think upon that aspect as well while packing the tools for the kit.
  • Cannot find any other complaint apart from that!

ubyld diy online website review

So did you like our DIY cupboard? Thanks to Ubyld we really had fun building it up 🙂 Also if you guys have tried anything from the website please do comment below about your experience with ubyld 🙂

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  1. This is so good, and need of the hour for Indian people like us.. Thanks for sharing.

    1. angela says:

      Yes vasudha. The DIY kit is nothing less than awesome!! Its easy to assemble and yet looks professional. You should try if you are in need of any furniture or so

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