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Madhukari Bottle Art by Ms. Madhu Gajjala #15

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Madhukari Bottle Art – Ms Madhu Gajjala

madhukari bottle art Meet Madhu, a Madhukari bottle artist from India settled in Cairo with family. You will be amazed at her artistic skills trust me – her work is so beautiful, intricate, colourful and requires lot and lot of patience. Okay by the way madhukari is a named coined by Madhu and her artist fans for this amazing work that Madhu has been practising for a long time. Not quite following me ? Okay in plain terms its the most amazing madhukari bottle art i have ever seen in my life! See them for yourself!

madhukari bottle art  Want to see more of her madhukari bottle art work? Okay before that here is what Madhu has to say about her art :

Me : Tell me something about yourself, about your life, how you started off with Madhukari bottle art.

madhukari bottle art

I am Madhu, living in Egypt since 2008 and I teach meditation here in Cairo. I started working on the madhukari bottle art very recently from 1 and half year and I loved working on them.So my friend added me to the Fevicryl Hobby Ideas group in Facebook.Everyone were showing their art so I shared mine too which I had worked on a lamp. People started appreciating me and were inspired by me.

madhukari bottle artAfter few posts,they started asking what is the name of this art. I said ” I Have no Idea” and a few of them infact suggested to name it. I left to the ones in the group to select a name for the art and out of 200 or so names, everyone liked MADHUKARI, so that’s how Madhukari took birth.Many of them said my art is the combination of Mehendi designs,australian tribal art and mexican art. My main aim is to spread Madhukari art on Bottles.

(I believe she has the most beautiful talent and her art work i mean each of her work is so intriguing that im actually questioning my own talents! haha!)

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 Me : Please give a few tips for our readers and crafters interested in trying them out.

Tips for the readers are hold patience and then you start loving it.Love your art work whatever you did and doing.For me that’s the key.I love my art.

madhukari bottle artMy companions are My Fevicryl Acrylic colours,My 0 and 000 size brush,A container for water to clean the brush, A cloth and My palette.Regarding the procedure ,you can find in one of my posts.

(Ahem i think i have all of the resources for trying out madhukari bottle art but very very less patience in store! But im definetly going to try. And for any of you who are gonna try out Madhukari bottle art, do remember to take pictures and send them to Madhu on her facebook page (HERE)- she has a programme named Athithi where she showcases Bottle arts )

Me : Madhu, as i understand the key to madhukari bottle art is patience and concentration,. Is madhukari bottle art for inspired or influenced from meditation? 

My main purpose of stay in Egypt is teaching meditation here although initially we came to Egypt with my husband’s job. Later I realized that my purpose of stay here is more to serve people and bring smiles on their faces and so I started making beautiful art after i started meditating.

madhukari bottle art madhukari bottle art madhukari bottle art madhukari bottle art

(I always wanted to try meditation and i got this chance when i had a five day course on Art of Living and the feeling was not less than heavenly. But as the 5 days got over my usual turmoil life unraveled and never since then i had a chance to meditate. But i guess this madhukari bottle art in itself is a sort of meditation where your mind just settles and concentrates on those colorful things your hand flows into)

Me : How long do you take to finish a project?

Madhu : To finish the bottle or any art work,it depends on the size of it.

Me : What plans do you have about your madhukari bottle art?Any plans of a bussiness venture or madhukari bottle art classes?

Madhu : Art is not to be taught. Everyone has an artist within. I am here to show how I did and to inspire everyone.It’s everyone who inspired me to give a name and with their help I named the art as “MADHUKARI”.

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madhukari art 6 madhukari bottle art madhukari bottle art

madhukari bottle art madhukari bottle art madhukari bottle art madhukari bottle art madhukari bottle art

Art was never a business to me because I do art in a free time and I cannot work faster because I immerse myself in the art for whoever I am doing for so many hours to bring out a beautiful creation.It’s only to make them happy I work and I charge for it.Not like a real business.I take orders and I work but not in rush.I go very slow.

Me : Thankyou madhu for your precious time 🙂 I sincerely pray that more and more people realise the power of meditation and also spread the message of Madhukari bottle art.

Madhu : Thankyou and Namaste !

Okay so i know all of you are scrolling back to see the Madhukari bottle arts again but anyways here is the link to Madhu’s facebook page (HERE) where you can see many more beautiful creations. She also has a video uploaded on youtube on Madhukari bottle art (HERE). Please extend your support and encouragement to Madhu by sharing her art work on social media 🙂

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x0x0 Angela

P.S : Do not copy any images from this post without the permission of author. Madhu can be contacted at Meenakshi Designs ( HERE)



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      Hello Ruby, welcome to my small blog 🙂 This recycle art is not my creation, you may visit her facebook page through the link given in the post to know more about her and her works 🙂 I too love recycling and I make sure I make the most out of waste items lying around my home 🙂 Just visited your blog and I its a love at first sight 🙂 You have got very good talent in arts – keep it up 🙂

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