DIY Ribbon bows tutorial #9

How much we love having ribbon bows on our headbands, dresses and gifts but at the same time how much do we know how to make a perfect one! Ribbon bows are an integral part of parties gifts and accessories. There are like many many different ways and styles in which you can make a bow and each of them would still look so simple yet elegant.

ribbon bow tutorial 2

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Im on this headband making spree for my lil one G and i made like 5 different types of ribbon bows and ribbon flowers ( Tutorials for all of them will be up soon but sneaky peaky pictures first!) and turned them all into headbands (yes already!). Im sharing the tutorial for making a simple pinwheel ribbon bow.


ribbon bow tutorial 1

 Don’t you agree that the ribbon bow headbands are ssssoooo cute? I cant wait to see my lil princess wearing them ( hopefully she doesn’t pull em out :P).

Materials required for making ribbon bow :

  1. Satin ribbon/ribbon (bought from itsybitsy- citrus chades)
  2. Needle and thread
  3. Hot glue/Fabric glue (itsybitsy-glue gun)
  4. Scissors

Step by step tutorial for making ribbon bows:

  • Approximate the size of your ribbon bow depending on the ribbon width and make a fold as in picture 2.

ribbon bow tutorial steps 1

  •  Fold it again in a make-a-roll fashion and bring it back again so that you have a ribbon roll with 2 runs as in picture 4 above. Cut out the ribbon so that finally you have 4 layers of folds as in above picture.

ribbon bow tutorial step 2

  • The idea is to stitch right throught the middle of the roll if you can handle it straight away else a lil trick to follow would be next step.
  • Try to overlap a lil part of the ribbon rolls over each other and put a stitch or glue up so that you have a steady stuff to sticth through as in picture 3.
  • Now you can stictch through the middle and pull the stitch tight to make frills and tie it up together!
  • Also use some embellishemts/ribbon to hide the stitch part.

ribbon bow tutorial

 Tips and Tricks in making a Ribbon bow:

  • The golden thumb-rule to while working with satin is to always always have a lighter besides you and seal the cut ends by slightly heating over the flame.
  • While stitching, if your ribbon width is more (1 inch or more), instead of making a running stitch, it would be a lot better if you fold the whole pattern like how you make a paper butterfly ( or like this VVVVV ).
  • A contrast colour bead/button/small ribbon adds a great deal of beauty when placed at the bow center.

Here are the ribbon flowers I did and i promise to come up with tutorials soon 🙂 So watch out!

blue bow 3 layer green flower

xoxo Angela  



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