DIY Cereal Box Organizer Tutorial

DIY Cereal Box Organizer Tutorial : Wait before you dump another cereal box! Follow this simple tutorial to upcycle cereal box into an effective organiser.

Cereal Box DIY Organise (6)

I was cleaning my room the other day when I found quite many cereal box that I had saved in the hope of making something out of them someday. My table was a huge mess with all the letters and bills piled up in the drawers and I knew it was time I made use of the cereal cartons I have been saving since so long. 😀 So I fashioned this simple little paper organizer box which can be used as a bill/letter box or a magazine/newspaper holder too.

Materials required for DIY Cereal Box Organizer Tutorial

This DIY Paper Organizer Box is super-easy to make and be made in minutes if you have an empty cereal box with you. The other supplies that you would need are :

  1. Colour papers
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Pencil
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Step by Step procedure for DIY Cereal Box Organizer Tutorial

The procedure is very simple and quick so let’s get started right away. 😀

  • Cut the edges of the top side or the opened side at an angle as in the image.

Cereal Box DIY Organise (8)

  • Wrap the color paper around the cereal box neatly and stick the sides to cover it.

Cereal Box DIY Organise (9)

  • Stick some colour paper inside the box as well, in the portion where it can be seen from outside. You can use a different colour inside as I have done or use the same colour as on the outside.

Cereal Box DIY Organise (10)

  • Now, it’s time to decorate the organizer box. You can decorate it in any way using whatever comes in handy or catches your fancy, but I have a simple and quick decor idea using colour paper – Simple Paper Doilies ! 🙂
  • Cereal Box DIY Organise (5)
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  • Doilies are ornamental pieces of paper or fabric with decorative pattern made of many small holes.

Simple doilies for DIY Cereal Box Organizer Tutorial

  • Let’s make some basic paper doilies that are no much hassle.

Cereal Box DIY Organise (1)

  • Cut out a circular piece of the colour paper and fold it many times to get a triangular piece as in the image.

Cereal Box DIY Organise (1)

  • Draw patterns along the edges and corners on one side using a pencil.
  • Cut along the pattern and unfold to see how your basic doily has turned out.

Cereal Box DIY Organise (1)

  • Make a few such doilies and use them to decorate the front side of the organizer box.

Cereal Box DIY Organise (1)

Cereal Box DIY Organise (7)


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So we just saw how to make some real use out of the cereal box that we throw away most often. This organizer box can be really helpful in keeping your letters and bills safe and doesn’t cost a penny. All you need is a cereal box and some basic craft supplies that you’re most likely to have with you anytime. Be creative and up-cycle most of the stuff you throw away. Start with this one and do tell us about your up-cycle crafts.

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  1. Hey it’s fabulous transformation!!paper doilies are so cuteee:)

    1. Priya Prithviraj says:

      Glad you like it Akshma. 🙂 And the paper doilies can be much better if made with light colours in more intricate patterns.

      1. angela says:

        I loved them too! In fact I made magazine organizer with cereal carton boxes but did not decorate them yet 😛

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