DIY beaded indian tassel tutorial

DIY Beaded Indian Tassel making tutorial

DIY beaded Indian tassel tutorial : Pretty colorful and glamorous accessory to adorn skirt and blouse tiebacks ! Try this indian tassels for your outfits!

DIY beaded indian tassel tutorial (1)

We Indians love all things colorful and bling 🙂 Especially when it comes to an occasion like a wedding? No way are we going to come down on the glamour level! I had these salwar suit set bought quite a long back but had not stitched them until now when I have to attend a close one’s wedding. I searched quite a lot for a pretty Indian tassel for the tieback but in this village my place I’m having quite some difficulty in finding that one Indian tassel design that I have been having in my mind! So now that I did not get one, I decided to make on myself ( of course!) and here is the final picture of the Indian tassel. Not bad eh?

Materials required to make Indian tassel :

DIY beaded indian tassel tutorial

If you are into jewelry making, you already would have a huge stash of accessories and beads but for a non-regular-crafter, here are some simple cheap things you could buy to make these Indian tassels :

  • Wool/yarn of the color of your choice
  • Beads of various sizes and colors of your choice
  • ghungrus ( small tinker bells)
  • scissors
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Step by step procedure to make Indian tassels :

The basic and the most colorful part of my Indian tassel was the pompoms that I made out of yarn . I selected yarn of two colors that matched my outfit and made two pompoms of different colors per tassel . There are so many ways of making pompoms which maybe if there is any request I shall compile and post later but for now you could refer to THIS post here to make them easily.

DIY beaded indian tassel tutorial

I made these pompoms with the help of pony craft pompom maker and I think I should maybe start a series on product reviews and start off with the pompom maker 🙂

DIY beaded indian tassel tutorial

I kept the end tail of the pompom as such without trimming and used the same to pull my beads through. I had only two types of beads in golden shade so I kept the bigger one right after the pompom and put in a train of smaller ones after that.

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DIY beaded indian tassel tutorial

I made two seperate pompoms+beads in pink and cream shade and connected both together ( one shorter than the other) by tying them together. DIY beaded indian tassel tutorialNext I added the ghungrus in the common thread and finished off before it became too long a tassel!

DIY beaded indian tassel tutorial

As it turned out, I finished the beaded Indian tassel just the day before i was leaving and so did not have ample time to take final pictures on my outfit 🙁 And yeah i left it back at home so 😛 Well in any case here are the pictures before attaching them to the outfit.

DIY beaded indian tassel tutorial Did you like them? There are many different designs of tassels you can make provided you have many accessories with you.  But unfortunately I’m not into jewelry making and had just limited supplies with me at disposal. Nevertheless, I totally liked how pretty it turned out to be and in fact I hoarded some pretty bright colors of yard from my local store to make more pompoms 😀 I’ve become a pompom addict ha ha ! And I want to make some sort of a pompom welcome curtain for my main entrance. Well lets see how well that goes but until then, do let me know your views on this pretty one 🙂

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xoxo Angela


Angela jose is an engineer by profession and crafter by hobby. She resides in India with her husband and daughter. TheCraftyAngels is her brainchild which is a platform to share craft tutorials.

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  1. Wow ! They’re so cute and pretty. I love the colours you’ve chosen. <3 I can't wait to see the curtain you're making with these! 😀

    1. angela says:

      Thankyou priya 🙂 I shall come up with that soonie 🙂

  2. They are beautiful..

    1. angela says:

      Thankyou Vasudha 🙂 You have a beautiful blog there..wondering why Im so late in visiting you!

  3. They are so neat! I got the Pony pompom maker too, but guess have to do a few more practice runs before I get them this neat. 🙂

    1. angela says:

      Satakshi!The pony pom pom maker is not that easy to use. If you are mass producing pom poms then its definitely a useful tool although a little clumsy. I had to trim a lot to get them to this ball shape though!

  4. Anjali says:

    Lovely.. Eager to know from where u bought that ghunkrus

    1. angela says:

      Dear Anjali, thankyou for the appreciation 🙂 I bought the ghungroos from local shop. If you are looking online, itsy bitsy has them 🙂

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