Cardmaking Basics for beginners

Must read list for cardmaking in India. This post in the cardmaking tutorial series helps you understand various types of cards and gets you choose a style.

cardmaking basics for begineers

So I have finally joined the bandwagon of paper-crafters in India although I am most of the time invisible! Its high time I share my experience on cardmaking basics, cardmaking supplies, techniques etc – I mean whatever I know about cardmaking. This post is going to be part 1 of the many more topic specific posts to come. As and when I make new post in the series, I shall tag them here in a list.

Little introduction with types of cardmaking styles

I thought I would just give an introduction about cardmaking by sharing some cards from various blogs and sharing how they were made. That way you could choose your style of cards and buy supplies in accordance to that.

Punchcraft cards :

The card below is a very simple but yet elegant with pretty flowers of gradient shades.

punch flower card, punchcraft, flowermaking, paper flower
                             Image courtesy : songofmyheartstampers

What you need here are punches of different types and sizes. There are many variations of the same that you can create with help of multiple punches.

punchcraft, cardmaking in india, cardmaking tutorial, punches types
            Image courtesy : bladerubberstamps

Heat embossed cards :

Can you feel the embossed effect of the snowflakes in the card? I love heat embossed effect and you can use them not only for images but also for sentiments.

Image courtesy : dawsondesigns
                                                     Image courtesy : dawsondesigns

You need heat embossing tool, heat embossing powder and special ink for using this technique.

cardmaking india, cardmaking tutorial, heat embossing, embossing tool india
                                                        Image courtesy : ohsobeautifulpaper

Stamped cards :

These are probably where you should start with. You need to have stamps and inks for making this type of card. There are a whole lot of supplies you could buy for these and I could take another post to explain on that 🙂

Simple stamped card, cardmaking tutorial, cardmaking india, india handmade card
                                                      Image courtesy : thecreativegrove


stamping, cardmaking stamping, cardmaking tutorials, cardmaking india, acrylic bloc stamping
                                      Image courtesy : craftcritique

Watercolored cards :

If you love watercoloring, you can make beautiful watercolored cards like these. You can stamp images using your stampsets with lighter shades and paint them like they look natural.

Watercolored card, handmade card, distress ink painted card, cardmaking india
                                                 Image courtesy : stampawaywithme
Cardmaking in india, cardmaking tutorial, cardmaking for beginners, watercolor cards,watercoloring
Image courtesy : sweetpapertreats

Shabby chic cards :

They are more on the vintage side, looks more pastel and divine, heavenly with lot of laces and accents. I definitely cannot make such pretty things also I feel it requires lot of work +efforts .

shabby chic card, shabby chic india, cardmaking india
                                                                   Image courtesy : craftinglifespieces

Cards with Diecuts :

See the paper lace in the below card? Pretty right? Not just laces, if you have a diecutting machine say bigshot, by buying different die cutting templates, you can cut out papers in whatever shape you want.

diecut card, lace card, flower card, cardmaking in india
                                                     Image courtesy : cathymc-sewcreative
Cardmaking in india, cardmaking tutorial, bigshot india, diecutting machine
                                                      Image courtesy : craftcritique

Mixed media cards :

These are probably the toughest to make or so is what I feel. The cards have a very rich feel of various textures, colors and paints.

Mixed media card, cardmakingi n india, handmade card india, mixed media craft
                                                      Image courtesy : blog.lindystampgang
Mixed media card, cardmaking in india, mixed media tutorial, cardmaking tutorial
                                                               Image courtesy : thewholesaler

Quilled cards :

Quilling is a paper art where you use thin strips of paper to create different shapes. These quilled elements can be combined with other tehcniques to make a good card.

quilled card, quilling, handmade card, cardmaking in india
                                                       Image courtesy : dtcquilling.blogspot

Embossed cards :

Just like heat embossing, this card also has tiny embossed hearts. But here the paper itself is embossed instead of having a seperate layer of ink/powder. You again need an embossing machine and embossing plates ( that have desired patterns to emboss).

embossing folder card, embossed card, cardmaking india
                                                Image courtesy : classycutupscreations

Pattern paper cards :

The plaid background in this card looks so pretty right? These are ready made pattern paper that you can buy as a single stack and can use for backgrounds and so.

Pattern paper card, pattern paper, cardmaking in india, plaid pattern
                                                Image courtesy : mossymade

patter paper cards, cardmaking india, cardmaking tutorial, patterpaper use

Well so I think that covered basically all types of cards and also a few details of what kinds of supplies you need.In my next post I shall be starting with types of stamps and some stamping techniques 🙂 Stay tuned for the next post in the series 🙂

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xoxo Angela


Angela jose is an engineer by profession and crafter by hobby. She resides in India with her husband and daughter. TheCraftyAngels is her brainchild which is a platform to share craft tutorials.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this article. I am a beginner at card-making and found it useful.

    1. angela says:

      Hey Chandini. I am so glad you loved the post and helped you 🙂 When i started with cardmaking, I found it so difficult to grasp things because the number of options on supplies available. Also all the supplies were so costly! Glad I could pen down a post based on my starting trouble 🙂 Will post similar series soon 🙂

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