Bakers Twine Bow embellishment Tutorial

Bakers Twine Bow embellishment Tutorialย 

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Bakers twine is a staple in every crafters stash but ever wondered about how it got its name? Well bakers twine were initially used by bakers the 18th and 19th centuries ( widely in England and Scotland) for securing bread loafs. The regular ones were just plain white twines made of cotton without any wax. The standard colour of red and white were a late entrant, mostly used for decorative wrapping of cakes during festive season or special orders. Its only been a few years since bakers twine have gained wide acceptance into gift wrapping and of course crafting world. But again the basic use of bakers twine still bundles around its initial use of tying up gift packs or cards. There can be a lot more that can be done with bakers twine and I guess I will need to put up posts for many new ideas so that I can empty my present ones and buy new shades bakers twines ๐Ÿ™‚

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My mothers birthday is coming up this weekย and I made a card for her. If you have been following my blog, you would know how am going through pathetic attempts of cardmaking ๐Ÿ˜› I decided to have minimal inclusion of stamping and play safe by sticking to quilling which I kind of am confident of. Here is a sneak peak of the card and shall be doing a tutorial soon. Today’s post is about ย bakers twine bowย embellishment that Iย used for the cover for the card .

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Materials required to make bakers twine bowย embellishment

  • bakers twine
  • scissors
  • flat back pearl/buttons
  • glue

Procedure for making bakers twine bowย embellishment

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I always like to tell the way I make things even though it might be a very simple. So here ย goes my tutorial for bakers twine bowย embellishment :

Bring your index and middle finger together and start wrapping your bakers twine across them. Its advisable that you wrap them one after the other say from left to right or opposite and not in a haphazard way. I wanted a small bow to fit across the envelope for my 4″x 6″ so two fingers plus 8 rolls around them were quite enough.

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I then cut the end of the twine and inserted the new end from in between my fingers to tie the wrapped bakers twine loosely.

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I removed the wraps slowly from around my fingers and tightened the knot I just put. If you are using this bakers twine bowย for gift/card wrapping, do not cut out the twine yet.

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Now if you had wrapped the twine one over the other or in random direction, you will not be able to arrange the loops like a petal. Otherwise, if you have done it neatly as suggested before, all youneed to do now is to simply spread the loops ( on either sides of the knots) to mimic a bow.You can use a flat back pearl or anything you like of appropriate size to fix the center of the bakers twine bow.

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For use inย giftwrapping just like this one, wrap the long end of your bakers twine and tie it up with the shorter end. So basically you have to decide the lenght of twine you are leaving ahead of the knot such that when you fix it as a giftwrap, the new know stays hidden behind ๐Ÿ™‚

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This can as well be made by wrapping across a fork like how you make simple pompoms. Talking about pompoms, I bought these pom pom makers from ponycraft stores and let me know if you need a review.

Tips and tricks for making bakers twine bow embellishment :

  • Decide the size of the bowย based on where you want to use them. The number of rolls can be adjusted based on the size required.
  • Do not do not do not wrap the bakers twine one over the other or one left then right etc. Wrap in an order like say left to right so that when you are done with the bow, the loops can be spread easily into goodย shape.
  • Hope you guys liked this bakers twine bowย tutorial. It was a simple one and I know many of you might be using.have used bakers twine in different ways. Do tell me if you have done some unique stuff with bakers twine ๐Ÿ™‚
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About the envelope box, I came to know about it through Tejal’s video on WRMK Punchboard (HERE – not yet linked since my youtube is not working right now!) but I followed Jenifer Mcguire’s tutorial (HERE) sinceย Igot this result while searching for Tejal’s video and did this work for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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xoxo Angelaย 

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