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Watercolor Floral Alphabet Monogram

Learn to make these simple watercolor floral alphabet to adorn your home with powerful & elegant words. An instant way to add beauty to your walls 🙂

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Watercoloring is like meditation to me. I started watercoloring a little over 2 years ago and now I religiously practice watercoloring because its such a stress buster after long tiring day at office! Last week I came across this really pretty floral alphabets on Instagram by Zaafiqa Aida and I was totally in love with them. I tried a different version of the same floral alphabets but in small letters and thats what I am sharing with you guys today.

floral monogram a, floral monogram b, floral monogram c, floral monogram d

I first drew the outline of the alphabets with a pencil and decided where to have the flowers.I realised that positioning the florals somewhat mid way of the alphabets made them look prettier as they looked balanced.

Floral alphabet monogram e, floral alphabet monogram f, floral alphabet monogram g, floral alphabet monogram h

For the florals, I limited myself to swirl roses in pinks, orange and in a few white shades. I love prima watercolors and all the florals were painted with their shades from classics and tropicals palette.

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floral monogram alphabet i, floral monogram alphabet j, floral monogram alphabet k, floral monogram alphabet l

Once the florals and leaves were dry , I used a black brushpen to outline the alphabet portion and then carefully filled in the oultines. I used tombow black brushpen to make the outline and then filled the insides with zig black brushpen. I felt the zig black was more intense but for outlining, I preferred the stronger tombow nib.

floral monogram alphabet m, floral monogram alphabet n, floral monogram alphabet o, floral monogram alphabet p

For smaller alphabets, I reduced the number and size of the florals so that major portion of the alphabet was visible. I think it would be advisable to do each steps all at a time for all the alphabets. Like pencil alphabet outlines, painting florals etc. That way the style remains same in all the alphabets.

floral monogram alphabet q, floral monogram alphabet r, floral monogram alphabet s , floral monogram alphabet t

What you can do with these alphabets are numerous. I keep getting asked on my instagram on what to do after you learn calligraphy or watercoloring. First of all, its upto you to decide what for you want to learn. For me, its a hobby to learn new way of creative outlets. If I feel like, I do incorporate my works in cards, home decor etc. If you want you can make a business out of it. Its purely your call!

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floral monogram alphabet u, floral monogram alphabet v, floral monogram alphabet w, floral monogram alphabet x

My plans with there are to frame them into tiny little frames and interchage the alphabets to make lovely & powerful words like “love”, “joy”, “peace” etc. What do you think?

floral monogram alphabet y

There are much more ways of using these floral watercolor monogram alphabets and I have listed my favourites in this blog.

floral monogram alphabet z

I think these floral alphabets as a monogram is a great way to catch attention in a birthday or party invite. They look pretty and elegant.

Cluster the alphabets together to form a short word and viola pretty again!

Or simply frame the alphabets and hang them in your kids nursery.

Or a wall frame of this type is what I have in mind but this time it will be three of them with one floral alphabet in each of them. This one is an old frame which was made almost 3 years back I think and the tutorial is right on my blog.

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What would you do with these if I gifted you this entire set of floral alphabet monograms? Do let me know of your ideas 🙂




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