DIY Tassel Earrings Tutorial

Tassels are such versatile accessories – they fit in just everywhere! Try these tassel earrings using embroidery threads and add that spring boho vibe!

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Make your own tassel earrings!

Do you hoard craft supplies because you thought you could make this but never actually get around making it? Yeah happens to me all the time with my brain buzzing with so many ideas when I see supplies but eventually once I buy them, they get pushed to my cupboards 😀 This time they are embroidery supplies that I purchased to of course hand embroider pretty stuffs for my daughter’s dresses. But alas she is so grown up and I never did anything with them! Time to make tassel earrings out of them then! I have seen these tassel earring tutorial everywhere on the blog-land but when I actually tried making them I realized there can be so many variants and so here is mine 🙂

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DIY Beaded Indian Tassel making tutorial

DIY beaded Indian tassel tutorial : Pretty colorful and glamorous accessory to adorn skirt and blouse tiebacks ! Try this indian tassels for your outfits!

DIY beaded indian tassel tutorial (1)

We Indians love all things colorful and bling 🙂 Especially when it comes to an occasion like a wedding? No way are we going to come down on the glamour level! I had these salwar suit set bought quite a long back but had not stitched them until now when I have to attend a close one’s wedding. I searched quite a lot for a pretty Indian tassel for the tieback but in this village my place I’m having quite some difficulty in finding that one Indian tassel design that I have been having in my mind! So now that I did not get one, I decided to make on myself ( of course!) and here is the final picture of the Indian tassel. Not bad eh?

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