DIY Washi tape pencil craft

Tutorial and more tips on turning a boring pencil into colorful washi tape pencil. A perfect back to school activity for kids and photo tutorial made easy!

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If you have gone through all my posts on this blog, you would know how I am the queen of complication πŸ˜› I realized I hardly have any simple crafts that are cute and can be done by anyone. So here is the first in the series – DIY washi tape pencil craft. Its a very simple tweak to make a normal pencil stand out especially for kids who cannot take fancy stuffs to school but can flaunt these pretty ones among friends. All you need really are pretty washi tapes and boring pencils ha h. Lets jump into the tutorial then.

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Tealight candle decoration with Washi tape

Tealight candle decoration with washi tape : A simple tutorial for making your tealight a little more eye catchy.Tealight candle decoration with washi tape!

tealight candle decoration with washi tape for diwali craft

I bought this pack of 50 tealightsΒ from amazon the other day and I decided to make a few of them pretty πŸ™‚ I had loads of ideas on how to do tealight candle decoration plus there are loads of pins as well on very simple and pretty ideas. Well I decided to go the Indian way and add a lot of gold glitter and patterns πŸ˜€ See what I’m talking about ( well the gold and glitter will come in another post :P) ? I’ve also shared few tips and experience while I made these tealight candle decorations. Read on to know more..

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Washi Tape Handmade Flower Tutorial

Washi tape handmade flower tutorial : try this easy handmade flower tutorial by use of super cute washi tapes! I made these tiny ones for a friend card.Handmade flower with washi tape tutorial (11)

How have you guys been? I know I have been missing from the scene lately but I promise you that I wont go away altogether πŸ˜› I have some other priorities to be set right before I can plunge into crafting world so until then, do follow me on Instagram and facebook for regular crafty updates πŸ™‚ I made these cute punched washi tape handmade flowers last day and I couldnt stop admiring at how well it actually turned out to be! I definitely had to share the tutorial for this simple but beautiful handmade flower.

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Upcycled Tin Can Pen Holder

Upcycled Tin Can Pen Holder : Create this easy tin can pen holder in less than a minute! Its simple yet classy! I am using them for my washi tape storage!

Upcycled Tin can pen holder tutorial washi tape craft (8)

Pen holders are the easiest things at home that we can DIY through an upcycle project! I made this tin can pen holder or rather a washi tape holder ( I actually have excess of penholders!) from a milkmaid tin can. This upcycled tin can pen holder is very easy and hardly takes even a minute! Read on to know how I made them πŸ™‚

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