Yarn wrapped Hearts – Valentines Craft

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Been a little on the lazier side this new year when it comes to crafting and blogging. More so because its financial year end we are having quite a lot of work at office! But I did make an awesome lampshade with foam board and the tutorial is on Itsybitsy blog. For today I made these little yarn wrapped hearts and my little grace helped me paint them and wrap the yarn around them. Such a fun activity it was πŸ™‚

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Paper hearts Wall hanging tutorial

Paper hearts wall hanging

A pretty paper hearts wall hanging for your kids!

Paper hearts wall hanging

In my last post I had shared with you a tutorial (HERE) for making tiny paper hearts and this is the post where I put them to good use πŸ™‚ I made a paper heart wall hanging which in itself was a little bigger task than anticipated! Here is a tutorial or rather tips for making the paper hearts wall hanging for this valentines day.

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Valentines day Paper hearts tutorial

Valentines day paper hearts tutorial (7)

My heart my paper hearts! Paper hearts tutorial!Valentines day paper hearts tutorial (7)

The very significance of valentines day has decayed overs for me mostly because I’m so tied up with daily life and work that I don’t even care anymore! But then sometimes its fun to have a little extra something right? So I came up with this easy DIY valentines day paper hearts tutorial which are super easy to make and definitely a last minute life saver!Β Grab your papers and start making!

P.S Also check out the cute wall hanging made from these paper hearts HERE

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Confetti Hearts Card Tutorial

Confetti Hearts card tutorial (7)

Confetti Hearts Card Tutorial :

Confetti Hearts card tutorial  (7)

Those who are regulars at my blog would know that I’m totally not into Scrap-booking or related paper-crafts. I knew that some or the other time I would have to take that one big step and try them for the sake of having variety crafts on my blog. Well so being a novice to this field I felt like I was pushing myself to drown myself into an ocean full of whales, sharks, stamps,inkpads,embossing and what not! I was scared till now of what to buy, where to start, how to do because there seem to be too much of a syllabus to master! So I had a little email chat with Priya Sivaraj from TheCraftShop.in who was very kind enough to answer all my beginners stupid doubts and of course I bought my first cardmaking supplies from her πŸ™‚ Next bunch of thanks and hugs goes to Dr.Sonia SV from CardsandSchoolprojects for her very valuable post on beginners stamping tips&techniques (HERE) from where I felt like yes that looks easy enough πŸ™‚

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Lipstick Recycle Card! #5

Hello angels!

Well I’m posting a Clean and SImple card made by recycling my expired out lipsticks πŸ˜€ sounds exciting right? Yes I have lot more of those lipsticks to finish off so will be coming up with more of lipstick recycle crafts soon πŸ™‚

lipstick recycle card

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