Dealing with dampness during monsoon

Being a keralite who has survived rainy season for more than 18 years of my life, I think its high time this post came up on dealing with dampness from monsoon!

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Few tips for a happy monsoon home : dealing with dampness

This post is a little late but I am sure it would help you in dealing with dampness and monsoon next year. Last year august, we took one week break and went on holiday but by the time we came back, our home was in a havoc state! Monsoon was on its full swing and by the time we returned our bedroom was totally infested with molds. That was my first bad experience with dampness and ever since then, I have been a little more keen on keeping my home not just beautiful but also safe 🙂 Here are a few bit of information that I found while researching about dampness and on dealing with dampness. I am hoping it could be of some help to you guys as well.

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