DIY Shadow Box Tutorial

Make your own DIY shadow box and use them to hold your favorite photos. There is an awesome tutorial with full measurement details. Happy crafting!

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I have been looking for a very long time to make a crafting den on my own but never ever have I seen a messier place than my crafting table! I have hence decided to add some shelves for extra storage space and some crafts to fill up blank work space. Well this tutorial is for DIY shadow box which I made for use as photo frames for my wall. They are simple and easy to make except for a little math that I have covered up for you 🙂 So shall we start?

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DIY Tassel Earrings Tutorial

Tassels are such versatile accessories – they fit in just everywhere! Try these tassel earrings using embroidery threads and add that spring boho vibe!

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Make your own tassel earrings!

Do you hoard craft supplies because you thought you could make this but never actually get around making it? Yeah happens to me all the time with my brain buzzing with so many ideas when I see supplies but eventually once I buy them, they get pushed to my cupboards 😀 This time they are embroidery supplies that I purchased to of course hand embroider pretty stuffs for my daughter’s dresses. But alas she is so grown up and I never did anything with them! Time to make tassel earrings out of them then! I have seen these tassel earring tutorial everywhere on the blog-land but when I actually tried making them I realized there can be so many variants and so here is mine 🙂

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