Kanzashi ribbon flower tutorial

Hello folks!!

Kanzashi ribbon flower tutorial  (5)If you have seen my last post about kanzashi artist Sakae (HERE), you would know why this post now. I became so obsessed seeing all the varieties of Β kanzashi ribbon flowers on the Internet and I could already imagine them as headbands n hair clips for my daughter. πŸ˜€ so wasting no time I pulled out few ribbons and tried these beautiful looking flowers and I realised that the procedure was simple but there were definitely some tips to be shared to get them right ( I made 4 kanzashi ribbon flowers in one go and only my fourth one came out nearly perfect). This tutorial can be found everywhere on the Internet but please do read the tips and tricks section to avoid following a trial and error method to get the kanzashi ribbon flower right.

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Cute Layered Ribbon Bows Tutorial #12

Hey Angels!!!Β A Photo tutorial to learn how to make simple layered ribbon bows. They can be used as ribbon bows for gift wrapping or headbands or dresses.

Cute Layered Ribbon Bows Tutorial

easy ribbon bows tutorial 12

Todays is an easy craft – ribbon bows! I still remember the time when i was in school – thats when we had to tie up two separate pony/braids on either sides and secure with red ribbon and how much I used to try to make the bow if not cute symmetric at least! I wish I could goΒ back in time and make these ready made cute bows for myself so that I could shine within my girls circle ( I wish!). So now that i cant go back in time, I have decided to be like those mums who hoard cute bows n hairbands for their little girls πŸ˜€ and since i find them too pricey and difficult to find the right design, I decided to DIY!

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DIY Ribbon bows tutorial #9

How much we love having ribbon bows on our headbands, dresses and gifts but at the same time how much do we know how to make a perfect one! Ribbon bows are an integral part of parties gifts and accessories. There are like many many different ways and styles in which you can make a bow and each of them would still look so simple yet elegant.

ribbon bow tutorial 2

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Ribbon roses- Featured content #2

Hello angels!!!

This time I’m up with a short post featuring a lovely work by one of my sister’s best friends – Jupitara Kashyap. She has worked her magic to create these gorgeous looking ribbon roses. Welcome to thecraftyangels Jupi :
DIY ribbon roses boquet

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