DIY Stationery Storage for your desk – Repurpose cardboard box

Recycle cardboard boxes to make this really cute mini house to store your stationery. Yes a DIY stationery storage for your desk but a cute and easy one.

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There is an immense satisfaction in creating something beautiful out of nothing. We have so many things lying around which are deemed as waste, but with a wee bit of imagination, can be changed into something useful.

In fact after the advent of Makers Movement there has been huge trend of making best from waste with household trivia. Art and Craft scene has never been as exciting as the possibilities are endless. There are some fancy names which have been coined by crafters, for more serious projects, some call them reimagined projects some upcycled.

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DIY Cereal Box Organizer Tutorial

DIY Cereal Box Organizer Tutorial : Wait before you dump another cereal box! Follow this simple tutorial to upcycle cereal box into an effective organiser.

Cereal Box DIY Organise (6)

I was cleaning my room the other day when I found quite many cereal boxย that I had saved in the hope of making something out of them someday. My table was a huge mess with all the letters and bills piled up in the drawers and I knew it was time I made use of the cereal cartons I have been saving since so long. ๐Ÿ˜€ย So I fashioned this simple little paper organizer box which can be used as a bill/letter box or a magazine/newspaper holder too.

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Upcycled Tin Can Pen Holder

Upcycled Tin Can Pen Holder : Create this easy tin can pen holder in less than a minute! Its simple yet classy! I am using them for my washi tape storage!

Upcycled Tin can pen holder tutorial washi tape craft (8)

Pen holders are the easiest things at home that we can DIY through an upcycle project! I made this tin can pen holder or rather a washi tape holder ( I actually have excess of penholders!) from a milkmaid tin can. This upcycled tin can pen holder is very easy and hardly takes even a minute! Read on to know how I made them ๐Ÿ™‚

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Newspaper Weaving Tray Tutorial

Newspaper weaving tray tutorial : A perfect simple DIY to try at home with old newspapers. Do try this newspaper weaving tray by following the instructions.

newspaper weaving newspaper weaved tray tutorial hjj(1)

I am already feeling so good by recycling loads of newspapers that are decorating my house instead of going to the trash. Here Iย have made a simple tray out of old newspapers and leaflets by newspaper weaving method. I will be using this as a decorative tray that will sit on the counter or table in my living room. It will give an asthetic look to the corner as well as it will help me to keep some flowers or keys and change them occasionaly.

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Shampoo Bottle Recycle Craft #6

Hello Angels!

Bottle recycle ?? Yes you heard it right ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterday was quick craft day! I had these empty shampoo and conditioner bottle lying around for quite a while and have been thinking about making something out of it. I sat searching for bottle recycle crafts and i had like loads of inspiration projects! In fact I never knew so much could be done with waste bottles!

bottle recycle pen holder

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