Kanzashi ribbon flower tutorial

Kanzashi ribbon flower tutorial (5)

Hello folks!!

Kanzashi ribbon flower tutorial  (5)If you have seen my last post about kanzashi artist Sakae (HERE), you would know why this post now. I became so obsessed seeing all the varieties of  kanzashi ribbon flowers on the Internet and I could already imagine them as headbands n hair clips for my daughter. 😀 so wasting no time I pulled out few ribbons and tried these beautiful looking flowers and I realised that the procedure was simple but there were definitely some tips to be shared to get them right ( I made 4 kanzashi ribbon flowers in one go and only my fourth one came out nearly perfect). This tutorial can be found everywhere on the Internet but please do read the tips and tricks section to avoid following a trial and error method to get the kanzashi ribbon flower right.

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Crepe Paper Rose Flower Tutorial #10

crepe paper rose flower tutorial 1

Crepe paper rose flowers are like the basic-‘est’ of the basic craft thing anyone tries out first! Crepe paper is like the magic potion for making real life flowers i mean all kinds of flowers. I have seen so many wonderful blogs and youtube videos demonstrating how-to’s for a variety of beautiful crepe paper rose flowers.

crepe rose flower tutorial

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How to make Tissue Paper Rose Flowers #8

Today we are going to see how to make tissue paper rose flowers . Well the topic sounds so cliche cz of the umpteen number of flower making tutorials with tissue papers in the blogosphere but still here is my attempt in making tissue paper rose flower. 

Tissue paper rose flowers are the easiest handmade flowers and they are like the beginners craft project since it requires no additional inputs. Tissue paper rose flowers are an inseparable part of party decorations, wedding bouquets, living room vases and what not!

tissue paper rose flower tutorial a

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Organdy Rose Flower making DIY Tutorial #1

Organdy roses

Organdy Rose Flower making DIY Tutorial 

organdy rose flower making tutorial

I’m so excited to write my first post for the crafty angels 🙂 and when I thought about the perfect start to this blog, I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect than my mum from whom I have been inspired all my life. So here is a mommy special elegant but easy step-by-step DIY organdy rose flower making tutorial. My mum has been making these organdy roses from when I was a kid and our house is filled with them in vases n over photo frames but I cant get enough of it. Feel like wanting more and more of these rose flowers around 🙂

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