DIY Paper Marigold flowers for Festive decoration

Simple way to make your festive decor last longer – faux DIY paper marigold flowers. 5 minute craft tutorial to make these simple DIY marigold flower garland to adorn your doorway or tablescape this festive season.

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The Indian festive season has been wrapped up for this year but I can keep posting my tutorials forever ๐Ÿ˜› We had a quick and unplanned vacation to Kerala for Diwali, so all the posts I made ready were left in the pipeline as I holidayed! This will be the last in the series of Diwali/Indian festive decor ideas before I wrap them up to give way for Christmas crafts ๐Ÿ™‚ Presenting to you DIY faux paper marigold flowers tutorial! Marigold flower or Genda phool ( in hindi) or samanthi ( known in south India) is an inseparable part of pooja thaalis and festive decors. The flower has a very strong smell that screams festival and that cannot be replicated ๐Ÿ˜› but the flower for sure can be.

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No Sew Burlap Rosette flower tutorial

A totally different yest easy burlap rosette flower tutorial. I am sure you might’ve tried the twisted rosette flowers but these swirls burlap rosettes flower is easy to make and sure so yumm!

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So I have been MIA for a month but I am back for now. Many people often ask me how I balance work and my blog/crafting, and I wonder of I actually balance them or not? I post maybe 2-3 posts a month and that is quite doable for anyone for that matter if they are really interested in making something new everyday. But this month has been a really long one with loads of work at office and by work I mean tiring work that when I reach home, I just want to go sleep!

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Swirl paper roses tutorial

Love making paper flowers ? Then this swirl paper roses are the perfect ones. Such a simple craft and lets bet that you won’t stop till you makeย hundreds of them!

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My crafting world has gone haywire thanks to all the work at office and because I feel like I need to rest more when I am back than work myself up with blog and crafts. Anyways valentines day is nearing and if you haven’t yet decided on what to give your loved ones, stay tuned for tutorials on simple handmade love for your valentine. Lets start with handmade swirl paper roses which looks totally pretty and are so so so really easy to make. Trust me they are so simple and beautiful! And in case you like to check out more paper flower tutorial, don’t forget to check them on my blog.

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Washi Tape Handmade Flower Tutorial

Washi tape handmade flower tutorial : try this easy handmade flower tutorial by use of super cute washi tapes! I made these tiny ones for a friend card.Handmade flower with washi tape tutorial (11)

How have you guys been? I know I have been missing from the scene lately but I promise you that I wont go away altogether ๐Ÿ˜› I have some other priorities to be set right before I can plunge into crafting world so until then, do follow me on Instagram and facebook for regular crafty updates ๐Ÿ™‚ I made these cute punched washi tape handmade flowers last day and I couldnt stop admiring at how well it actually turned out to be! I definitely had to share the tutorial for this simple but beautiful handmade flower.

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Easy Stocking Flower tutorial

Hello all,

Easy Stocking Flower tutorial

Easy Stocking Flower tutorial

I’m back after my pretty long Easter vacation and yes I’m definitely back to crafting & blogging as well. I have a lot of unfinished project that needs a little boost up and motivation which includes few quilled flowers that need to go on to few cards, a newspaper quilled night lamp shade and painted recycle mugs. Keeping those aside, I’m sharing with you a Easy Stocking Flower tutorialย I tried last night. It’s funny how the idea came up – one of my microwave bowls cracked and ย I wanted to somehow re-purpose it. That’s when I thought I could use it as a flower-pot kind of thing and since I have been having these stockings for over a year without any use, I thought I’d just make some flowers out of them Stocking flower Tada!!!!

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Quilling Comb Flower Tutorial with Video

Quilling Comb Flower Tutorial

Quilling comb flower tutorial (20)Someone had shared these very beautiful quilling comb flowers on facebook and I just loved how neat and simple it looked. She hadnt posted a tutorial and I was sure it was done with a quilling comb. In my previous post on All-about-quilling-tools (HERE), I was telling you guys how I had purchased a quilling comb and not yet done anything with it! Well when I saw this quilling comb flower on facebook, I immediately grabbed my quilling comb and tried the flower and the one petal was super easy! What grabbed my attention was how different the quilling comb flower looked altogether unlike the loose coil flowers of different shapes.

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