How to decorate candles : Burlap Ribbon wrapped candles

A simple hack to turn an old candle pretty! Yes a post on how to decorate candles and this time its a burlap ribbon wrapped candles ! You wont believe how gorgeous they actually look.

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This project is simple but a lifesaver for all the unattractive candles lying around at home. I am a hoarder of scented candles but over time they lose their pretty appeal, especially when they start drooling down . Lately, my obsession has shifted to jars, especially when I think about all the drooling and wax drippings which can be avoided. However, then I realized, the jar also becomes ugly with little wax sticking here and there, after you start using the candle . Look how untidy it looks now!

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Pistachio shell candle holder tutorial

Dont you love how you can make pretty things out of waste? Check out this simple DIY pistachio shell candle holder tutorial, a great diwali decor piece too!

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I had been having these pistachio shells for quite a long time and was waiting for my glue gun to arrive. The older glue gun which I had purchased from Itsy bitsy had such huge problem right from the beginning and I am glad I threw it out soon! Well so my new glue gun arrived and I made these pretty little pistachio shell candle holder or rather diya holders. This should make absolutely stunning table piece for your Diwali decor as well! I loved how it turned out to be and they are super simple to make. Read the tutorial and I have some secret tips as always for you guys 🙂

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Candles, fragrances and Ekam


ekam, candles, candle, indian candle, candles in india, home fragrance, diy candle decor, decorating with candles, candle decor, scented candles, scented candles in india, ekam, ekamonline, ekam india , pillar candle, jar candle, votive, tin candleWhen I was a kid, candles meant prayer and power cut! Fast forward to my present life and candles means luxury. Gone are the days when our choices were limited to just white candles, fluorescent colored candles and twisted tapered candles. My love for candles probably started when I first started staying alone and when I earned on my own. The tiny little room in my hostel was colorful, cozy and always scented 😀 And I still have two of the pillar candles I bought way back then – a lavender scented and one rose scented. Since then I have had quite a collection of smaller candles but often neglected and not maintained well.

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Fairy Jar Lantern DIY tutorial

Want to go back to the fairy tale magical faraway land ? I know you cant but you can always have a piece of it with these fairy jar lantern. Try them!

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This is a different kind of post today as I am collaborating with a few lit bloggers and a fantastic book author for a blog tour as a part of her book launch.  I have absolutely nothing to do with books and poetry but my little sister Priya as you might know ( who occasionally shares her crafts on my blog- see here & here) has a lit blog and I gladly agreed to be a part of her new venture.

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How to paint diya for diwali

How much I love diwali and all the festivities around! Most evident from the many diwali crafts blogged here! Learn how to paint colorful diyas at home. 

how to handpaint diyas

Diwali is the festival of lights, the celebration of good over evil, celebration of goodwill and prosperity. Diwali is also that hectic time of the year when we carry out the much dreaded annual house cleaning and dispose off old& unused items.Diwali is just a few days ahead and local markets are already filled with various shapes and designs of terracotta diyas.

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Paper Lotus candle holder tutorial

Lotus candle holder tutorial : Make this lotus candle holder in 3 easy steps and light up your home in a pretty and effortless way. Read for photo tutorial.

Lotus candle holder tutorial


Lotus the symbol of beauty and prosperity is no wonder the national flower of India. Make these pretty and colorful paper lotus candle holder in minuted to use as diya holders for this diwali. I have used simple one sided color papers which are a little thicker for making these lotus candle holders. Read on for tutorial

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Readymade Kundan Rangoli Tutorial

Readymade kundan rangoli : Make these kundan rangolis with limited supplies and adorn your doorsteps this festival season. Tutorial with links to supplies.

Readymade kundan rangoli tutorial (8)

Readymade kundan rangolis have become a staple when it comes to any festivities these days. The fact is that we no more have time to put elaborate rangoli designs with all the bright colors nor do we have the space in our apartments for all the floor decorations. Readymade Kundan rangoli seems to be the most popular of the readymade rangolis available because of all the bling and glitter that brings out the true festive mood.

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