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Diwali Lantern Making Tutorial

Hello angels! Diwali Lantern Making Tutorials Its the festive season here in India. With Navrathri celebrations coming to an end, we are all gearing up for the next festival of lights and joy – Diwali! The main thing kids look forward to being Diwali lantern, diyas, crackers and of course sweets ! Oh and also if you are looking for more diwali idea like diwali diya painting, tealight decoration, paper lanterns, …

easy ribbon bows tutorial 12

Cute Layered Ribbon Bows Tutorial #12

Hey Angels!!! A Photo tutorial to learn how to make simple layered ribbon bows. They can be used as ribbon bows for gift wrapping or headbands or dresses. Cute Layered Ribbon Bows Tutorial Todays is an easy craft – ribbon bows! I still remember the time when i was in school – thats when we had to tie up two separate pony/braids on either sides and secure with red ribbon and …

quilling leaves tutorial 14

Quilling Technique Tutorial :How to make Quilling Leaves without tools #11

Quilling technique : Quilling Leaves Tutorial Quilling is the in-thing these days and almost everyone is trying their hand at this addictive paper craft. The tutorial I am sharing with you all today is my first exhaustive quilling project that I did for a craft competition in my office. Quilling is an age-old paper craft that involves many many techniques both old and evolving. There are umpteen number of quilling …


How to make Tissue Paper Rose Flowers #8

Today we are going to see how to make tissue paper rose flowers . Well the topic sounds so cliche cz of the umpteen number of flower making tutorials with tissue papers in the blogosphere but still here is my attempt in making tissue paper rose flower.  Tissue paper rose flowers are the easiest handmade flowers and they are like the beginners craft project since it requires no additional inputs. …

Bangle craft

Bangle Craft Wall Hanging Tutorial #7

Hello angels! I love wearing accessories that match my outfit. But what do you do so when u have so many bangles of same color and you aren’t wearing them anymore? Well here is what you do with it – Bangle craft ! Yes! I bought these new glass bangles to materialize my bangle craft idea and with lot of efforts,after breaking so many bangles in vain, i finished it …