DIY decorative hangings 2

DIY Decorative Hangings Tutorial #21

Hello angels! A DIY Decorative hangings tutorial. Make use of waste cello-tape cores to make these cute and adorable DIY Decorative hangings. Follow photo tutorial. DIY Decorative Hangings Tutorial  This is so unlikely of me to write 2 posts in a week straight but yes you guessed it right! My new year resolution for 2015 is to not ignore my baby blog and also to take fitness more seriously ( …

calligraphy in india 4

Calligraphy in India – Meet Mr. Mayank Baranwal #20

Calligraphy in India – An interview with Mr. Mayank Baranwal Do you like your handwriting? Do you shy away from writing in greeting cards cz of your not so good handwriting? Do you turn back pages of your dairies and wonder how nice is your handwriting? Well I do 🙂 I love my handwriting and I thought that was enough. Until I read this article in The Hindu (HERE) and I ended up realising there …

Mini gift box tutorial 2

Christmas tree decoration : Mini Gift Box #19

Christmas tree decoration : Mini Gift Box Okay so i think this s the most often that I’ve posted on my blog! Merry Christmas and welcome to my crafty lil Christmasy world 🙂 I hope you liked my previous Christmas posts on Popsicle star HERE and mini Christmas tree HERE.  Although this isnt a very Christmas specific project, these mini gift boxes can be very much used as Christmas tree …

mini christmas tree tutorial6

DIY Mini Christmas tree #18

Hello all! Make these cute mini christmas tree to adorn your showcases. Mini christmas tree DIY tutorial with evergreen branches and carton boxes. DIY Mini Christmas tree  As i promised, the second part of my christmas decoration is here 🙂 I really wanted this Christmas to be special but having to spend our Christmas at my home and my in-laws home left me feeling so lazy about decorating my house. But …

Chrsitmas popsicle star tutorial 7

Popsicle craft : Christmas Popsicle star making #17

Hello all, Popsicle craft : Christmas star making  Have you all finished your final touch ups of Christmas decor at home? I had like loads of ideas and wanted my house to look all festive n stuff but this office work pours in on you only at the last moment! Plus i sprained my right knee plus we are anyways going home by 21st so i was like why am …

How to make watermark logo brush11 copy

How to Make watermark for blog photos #16

Hello all! Watermark for Blog Photo   Its Christmas time and im already in great crafty mood for all the decors but im not finding time to click decent photos and make a post! My holiday starts next monday and we are so excited about this Christmas especially since its Grace’s first Christmas 😀 Anyhow keeping my random talks aside, did you guys notice that ive got a new theme …

madhukari bottle art

Madhukari Bottle Art by Ms. Madhu Gajjala #15

Hello all! Madhukari Bottle Art – Ms Madhu Gajjala Meet Madhu, a Madhukari bottle artist from India settled in Cairo with family. You will be amazed at her artistic skills trust me – her work is so beautiful, intricate, colourful and requires lot and lot of patience. Okay by the way madhukari is a named coined by Madhu and her artist fans for this amazing work that Madhu has been …