Online Craft Supply Shops India: 

I have tried to compile all the online craft supply shops in India and this list is no order of preference.

P.S : edit on 10.07.2017  – This post was put up way back in 2013 and its time to edit some of the details, add a few newly launched shops and brands. The list is in no order of preference.


Online ctarft supply shops India

Hobby Craft supplies stores online in India  :

  1. ITSYBITSY:  I love Itsybitsy for the fact that they always have a variety of craft and activities stuffs. No matter what is the item you need, you will get it on their site. They also have various offline stores but since I do not stay in the vicinity of any of them, I prefer purchasing online. They have flat shipping fee which is added bonus.
  1. Items to look out for – anything for kids activities, general crafts, art supplies, paints, paper crafts,jewlery making etc
  2. HOBBY IDEAS : Fevycril is like a household name among indian crafters and their products are extensively used especially acrylic paints and 3d outliners.They have loads of other supplies under their brand name which we generally do not find in our local shops. You can shop for all their products , latest launches and particularly shades in individual bottles from their online store.

Art & Stationery supplies stores online in India :

  1. HIMALAYA FINE ART – I love their collection. If you are a serious artist, this is a place you should look for your supplies.
  2. CREATIVE HANDS – They are also leading suppliers of art related supplies. I personally shop at creative hands for all my paper/book requirements as I trust fabriano brand and creative hands always has their cardstocks and books in stock.
  3. ARTLOUNGE – ( new store) They are packed with art & pencil drawing supplies. Love their collection of fine papers and especially that they have a good collection of calligraphy supplies as well.
  4. SKILLSUPPLIES  : They have loads of hard to find foreign brands supplies stocked. Although most of them are on the pricier side (of course imported!), you can find loads of branded stationery items. If you are into design/modelling, they have a specialized section for supplies relating to them too.

Paper craft, Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Mixed media, Journalling supplies stores online in India: 

  • CRAFTADDA/HNDMD – Previously known as Craftadda, they recently revampled their site and renamed it as HNDMD. They retail their products under the brand name “Craftangles” and also stocks lot of other brands too. If you are  a paper crafter esp into scrapbooking, here is a place to check out for your pattern papers and embellishments.
  • CRAFTGULLY: One of the first few online stores that I shopped from and I cant forget how perfect their packing was. They do have a lot of supplies but I would direct them to you if you are looking specifically for quilling supplies, jewelry supplies and embellishments.
  • KRAFTZONE : You should try this store if you are a scrapbooker/mixed media artist. Who knows you might find that one small supply you were looking for so long!
  • DIECUTSANDMORE –  You will find loads of card making related supplies in stock at their store. They also retail their own dies and few other craft supplies under the brand name “DCAM”. I have purchased supplies from them a couple of times and I love that she stocks lot of different themed supplies. I own their stampaholic tool which enables you to make multiple impression of stamp without having to align them every single time.
  • ANANDHA STATIONERY : They have a physical store in Chennai and they have a facebook shop plus a blog through which you can browse their products from. They have recently updated their albums and categorised their supplies on FB shop so its much easier to find the supplies – and either ways, if you just shoot a message asking if they have the supply you are looking for, they would promptly send you back options. I look up to anadha stationery when I have to purchase pattern papers (specific themes/patterns) , gift wrapping papers, ribbons etc. They also stock loads and loads of art supplies. Lot of alternatives for pricier foreign brands are available with them and I love to simply browse through 😛
  •  RAINBOW CRAFTYKARI – Mostly they have supplies for mixed media and scrapbooking. Loads of chipboards, charms, resin and metal embellishments. I check their stores when I am in need of embellishments.
  • RANGANJALI : I havent shopped from them yet but I know that if you need a SSS ( simon says stamp), here where you should be buying them from! The one thing that I found in their store ( and in no other indian store) is that they showcase a few project done using the stamps in the page. This creates a huge difference because sometimes the stamps/dies looks like they are not our type but seeing the projects, we wish we owned them!
  • THECRAFTSHOP  – My personal favourite store. Atleast 70% of my supplies will be from her (Priya Sivraj’s) store and I love her dedication to providing quality products. Also maybe the south Indian connection but she is the best for me. Their store initially catered to card making supplies – you name the brand and she has it- from inkpads, stencils, stamps,dies, she has got everything in stock and she also takes pre-orders at nominal conversion rates. You can always approach her for ones you need and she will have it delivered to you in weeks. They are also official distributors of plaid products in India and their stock of chalkpaints, wood varnishes, milkpaints etc will burn a serious hole in your pocket! Also checkout their decoupage napkin collection- they always have pretty flowers and vintage stuffs in stock. They also have an inhouse brand “CrafTreat” which is recently launched and includes loads of stencils and wood bases.
  • CRAFTERSCORNER From what Shalini Mittal’s Crafters corner was years back, it definitely has grown a lot and flourished like anything. This is probably the only store which stocks supplies for all kinds of crafts like mixed media, scrapbooking, cardmaking, home decor etc. Even if you are not shopping with them, you should check out their DT works and they simply are awesome! Especially because they have seperate DT members who post about mixed media, cards, scrapbooks and home decor. Another thing to check up with them are machines – they have like every single brand and every single tool! If not, Shalini will get it for you. An added bonus about the store is they conduct classes/workshops everynow and then and I can from the reviews see that they are good. They also have a few in house products under the brand namde “Dress My Crafts” which included flower making paper, embellishments, sequins etc.
  • A1 CRAFT  : They have loads of supplies for crafters especially for jewelry makers. If you have heard of artzire, A1 crafts supplies most of their supplies – thats the ultimate testimony to the quality of their work. I often find myself buying the accessory parts from them like embellishments, ribbons, papers, indian sort of stuffs like diya bases, gold twines etc. They also retail stamps, inks etc etc so do check out their collection if you are a crafter.
  • KRAFTERSCART : They have loads of options when it comes to scrapbooking and if you are one, check out their collection of embellishments, pattern papers and mulbery flowers.
  • MADRASBAZAAR : I always look forward to their store for their collection of ribons, laces and embellishments. If its embellishments, you have to check their collection before you try elsewhere because they have like the cutest ones in store.
  • CRAFTSLANE :  There are many queries on where I buy my mdf products for decoupage works and I always prefer buying from craftslane. They have the widest variety of mdf products, I can vouch for their quality and also their collection of decoupage paper is awesome. They also retail Divya Thallap’s papers which are really pretty and unique – check them out if you are shopping from them.
  • ARTSOMECRAFT  : Brainchild of Ashmita, an avid scrapbooker, this store is more like an interactive store wherein you can purchase her final projects/scrapbooks, learn through video tutorials, kits, buy supplies to replicate her works. If you are an admirer of her accordian scrapbooks, you much check out the supplies here.
  • CRAFTSNEED : They are relatively new to the online store list but they do stock a lot of products. Although I havent shopped from them, their store is well stocked and they have a wide variety of supplies.
  • CRAFT STUDIO – They were earlier known as Oasis art studio and they had a huge fan base especially for their quilling kits on facebook. They recently launched their online store which is well stocked with various hard to find craft supplies and also the biggest news about them is the launch of first ever craft magazine in India – Our Idea Book. Their ready quilling section is a must check out section – and also their main attraction.

Yarn, Sewing, Embroidery stores online in India :

  • PONY CRAFT STORE :  Anything related to sewing/embroidery/crochet and this is where you should check for your supply. I personally love the variety of stuff thats available right under one roof for you to pick up. I recently bought a sewing machine although I haven’t started using it extensively – however, I can see that their store is going to be my next favourite 😉
  • HACHI YARNS : If you are into crochet or knitting, this is one store you must must visit.They have loads of pretty shades to choose from and also ones that look so yummy! I have done crochet only once to make little heart shapes and I am done with it for now 😛 But the supplies there sure seem to be too cute to ignore!
  • PRADHAN STORES :  I knew Pradhan stores through their facebook page and group wherein there used to be interactions and sharing of works etc. They launched their online store maybe 2 years back and they retail everything for knitting and crochet. Many stuffs regarding sewing is also available.
  • EMBROIDERY MATERIAL : I chanced upon their website while searching for beads and oh my god they have the cheapest prettiest collection of beads! Plus they have loads of embroidery stuffs, names of which are all alien to me but I loved their collection of beads, sequins and mirrors. If you are a hobby crafter, I am sure you would find stuffs you like.

Indian brands providing craft supplies:

  • MUDRA – Earlier known as Varnas, owned by Varshita and probably the first made in India stamps. They retail stamps that are designed and made in India – they launch new stamps every month. You can also approach her for custom stamps – designing and manufacturing 🙂
  • PEEKABOO DESIGNS – Although in a semi dormant state, they have announced a comeback this week so we can expect new launches soon. They had some awesome designs of stamps and dies under their brand.
  • CRAFTANGLES – A recent venture of Craftadda aka HNDMD, their poroducts are available on HNDMD website and loads of stencils, stamps, dies, plus stamps with coordinating dies too!
  • CRAFTREAT – brainchild of Priya from Craft shop, they have lot of stencils under their brand name. They were launched just few months back so I am guessing they have loads of surprises in store!
  • DRESS MY CRAFT– A brand from Crafters Corner, their launch of golf tool, flower making papers and sequins were an instant hit withing the crafting community. They are not regular with their launch but whwnever they do, you can expect yummy stuffs!
  • PAPERICIOUS – Initially started off with pattern papers, they now have monthly launches of chipboards, papers, embellishments, chords, laces, paints etc.
  • DCAM – Die Cuts and more which was just another craft store forayed into making an inhouse brand and now they have the famous Stampoholic tool along with many dies undr their brand.
  •  LITTLE BIRDIE – The in house brand of Itsy Bitsy, you have so so so many handmade embellishments that you will be spoilt for choices. If you need any embellishment, the first place to check will be at itsybitsy for their little birdie brand!
  • SHILPI – they have a lot of tools to their collection and you can shop them from their online store or offline retailers.
  • CRAFTY SCRAPPERS – They were launched in 2013 and have a good collection of in-house stamps under their brand name “Crafty Scrappers” especially if you are looking for Indian theme stamps, this is a must visit. They also have a section of die cuts from where you can choose your favourite die cut shapes even if you don’t have die cutting machine.


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  2. Leonard Rosik says:

    I’m looking for a Bindu Bottle Cutter, does anybody have one to sell?

  3. Thanks Angela! really helpful post. I think craft Adda is just excellent.

    1. I like almost all the shops and specifically itsybitsy,craftadda& craftgully for general hobbycrafts, craftshop and crafterscorner for papercraft+scrapbooking. Glad you find the list helpful 🙂

  4. Great list – I’ll link to this list from my site as I get many questions about this.

    1. angela says:

      Hello honey! Thats very sweet of you. I myself refer to this page most of the times when I need some new craft supply and Im not sure where all to check for! Sure this list will be of help to others 🙂

  5. Meetu says:

    Thank you for including us in the list. Just a request if you could please alter the link to the website to because this is the website for India. The other one is for New Zealand.

    Thanks and regards

    1. angela says:

      Thankyou meetu for letting me know. Have changed the link now 🙂

  6. ayushi says:

    could you plz tell me any site where i could find wool felt?

    1. angela says:

      You can check with ponycrafts, pradhan embroidery and itsybitsy. If they do not have listed in their website, you can also email them so that they can get them stocked while they buy their supplies. Hope this helps 🙂

  7. Can someone help me know where I can get leather crafting tools in Bangalore pls. Thanks a bunch 🙂

    1. angela says:

      I havent worked on that sort of craft but there is group on facebook called craft shoppers paradise where you could maybe post and ask anybody who could provide a clue. Hope this helps.

    2. MANGESH says:

      u ll get all leather crafting tools on aliexpress nly
      we r so unfortunate that we indians dont have this kind of tools online like other countries have.
      i also searched many sites. but no other option than aliexpress.

      1. angela says:

        The DIY market it yet to pickup in India but I feel its still hopeful with so many ecommerce websites sprucing up 🙂

  8. Divya Sampath says:

    Can u tel me where can I buy crystal and rhistones for jewelry making online India? Thank you in advance.

    1. angela says:

      Dear divya, glad to have you here on my blog. For jewellery making you can check craftgully for supplies. If you still need customised ones, check for a1craft supplies (neha gala) on facebook and you can send her pictures of the materials you are looking for. Hope this helps 🙂

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  10. Mohan says:

    Hey Angela!!

    Thanks for the wonderful information. I could find so many supplies for sewing through your blog. By any chance do you know where can we buy transparent sewing rulers 2″ * 18″ with grid in India?

    1. angela says:

      You can check with Pradhan embroideries or Ponycraft india for sewing supplies.

  11. Ask says:

    Could you let me know wher to get shlls buttons stones penbbles wool little each for a craft project.. in allahabad. Thanks

    1. angela says:

      I do not know of shops in allahabad but if you are trying online, has almost all the things you asked for.

  12. Ask says:

    Could you tell me where to get craft supplies like ribbon pebbles stones shells wool in allahabad

  13. Sunita gala says:

    I want to buy scoreboard

    1. angela says:

      Try crafters corner, Martha stewart scoreboard is a good one.

  14. riddhi says:

    hiiii i wanted to know if craftslane is a genuine site? because there website dosnt support their online contact form or any of their social media link.

    1. angela says:

      Hey riddhi, yes craftslane is genuine site. I purchase all my mdf products like trays, coasters and also decoupage napkins from them.The quality is really good and I think they are the ones providing best rates 🙂

  15. Thanks Angela… Excellent list and very helpful 🙂

    1. angela says:

      Thankyou 🙂 Glad this was helpful. Happy crafting!

  16. Hi Angela,
    this post has helped me a lot and i keep referring to this whenever i want to buy craft items online. Can you tell me where can we buy decoupage materials online and also good indian facebook pageson decoupage

    1. angela says:

      Sapna, glad that this is useful 🙂 For decoupage, I always purchase from craftslane because they have a very wide variety of supplies specifically for decoupage. Facebook I am unaware since I dont generally purchase for sellers.

    2. Usha Yasmin says:

      Where can we find cork backing for coasters and place mats

      1. Cork sheets are available at itsybitsy stores – you cal also shop online : Few other craft shops have cork cutouts but I think for your requirement, cork sheets might be best suited. Hope this helped.

  17. Ranjitha S says:

    I have saved your earlier post now this will go into the same folder. Thank you for your research and great categorisation

  18. Usha Yasmin says:

    Where can we find cork backing for coasters and place mats

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