DIY gota lace rakhi

Handmade Gota Lace Rakhi

No rakhi is special without a tinge of gold. Make this rakhsabandhan special with handmade DIY gota lace rakhi for your sweet brothers 🙂

DIY Gota lace Rakhi tutorial

Handmade Gota Lace Rakhi

Hello guys ! I am back again with another rakhi tutorial and I promise this is the last. Because even I am sick & tired of making Rakhi making tutorial 😛 But I promise this one is so easy and can be made in 5 minutes flat. Yes in lesser time than making Maggi ( time for searching supplies not included hehe 😉 )

If you haven’t seen my other tutorials on making handmade rakhis and various designs of rakhis, check them out before you finalise which one you loved the most 🙂 Anyways coming to this “instant” rakhi , if you have a pretty embellishement to put at the center of the rakhi , your work will be even more simpler. I did not have big enough embellishment so I made my own with mirror and kundans.

Supplies list for your handmade rakhi :

DIY gota lace rakhi
  • Gota ribbon or any golden ribbon
  • Needle & thread
  • Hot glue gun
  • Golden twine
  • Center piece embellishment
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Stepwise procedure for Gota rakhi :

DIY gota lace rakhi

I had these half inch golden ribbon, not exactly Gota but cheaper and much more shinier light weight version of it. The edges of the ribbon was an orange twine that I pulled out, to make the golden ribbon gather into a circle. If your ribbon doesn’t have anything like this, just run a simple running stitch along the edge of the ribbon and pull it out to gather the ribbon like in picture.

Gota ribbon rakhi making - how to make ribbon base for rakhi

I had used a ribbon piece which was about 30cm long and that is quite big enough length for a single rakhi. Gather the ribbon by pulling the string from both sides, and tie the thread together to form rosettes.

making gota ribbon rakhi - ribbon base step 1

I made a couple of them together and put an embellishment at the middle of this golden ribbon rosette.

DIY Gota rakhi making - center piece

I did’nt have any strikingly big center embellishment so I made my own with kundan & mirror ( You can follow this tutorial from earlier rakhi post for the centerpiece) and stuck them at the center of this rosette with hot glue. I also neatly cut the edges of the ribbon and stuck them together with hot glue because this lace was falling apart for the open edges!

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Gota lace handmade rakhi - making DIY center embellishment with kundan & mirror

The last thing is the string and I put an entire straight line of glue at the backside of the ribbon rosette, across its diameter, and placed the string to stick. I have seen many rakhi tutorials that use woolen threads. Although they are good and serves the purpose, the thread does add a little more class & elgance. So try to add some sort of braided threads or golden ones.

Gota rakhi making tutorial - sticking string to the rakhi

I loved the final look of this rakhi because it was all chamki chamki ( flashy & glittery). I told you I made a couple of them and they looked so satisfying when I was clicking their photos 🙂

DIY gota lace rakhi

And so with this pretty rakhi, I am closing the stage for Rakhsabandhan crafts and our next festival in line is Onam. How many of you readers are malayalees and is looking forward for Onam activities?

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The most important activity for Onam is the Onam Sadya ( Grand lunch) but since I am good at only eating and not cooking, I will not be covering that section 😛 But I will be putting up posts on simple pookkalam designs etc. If you want to see anything specific for Onam on my blog, please do let me know in comments, I am brainstorming hard for good Onam related topics 🙂

Hope you liked this DIY gota lace rakhi ( yeah forgot about it in Onam mood :P) Do share your rakhi designs with me or any other rakhi suggestions so that I can put in those tutorials 🙂

Until next time

xoxo Angela


Angela jose is an engineer by profession and crafter by hobby. She resides in India with her husband and daughter. TheCraftyAngels is her brainchild which is a platform to share craft tutorials.

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