Diwali home decoration ideas

Diwali home decoration ideas

Festival of lights : Diwali home decoration ideas 🙂

Diwali home decoration ideas

 India is without doubt the most diverse multicultural society and it is interesting to know the stories behind each of the traditions and routines followed. Come September-October and its the season of colors, festivals , crackers and lights, the most important one being Diwali. Diwali is the festival of lights, the celebration of good over evil, celebration of goodwill and prosperity. Diwali is also that hectic time of the year when we carry out the much dreaded annual house cleaning and dispose off old& unused items. Homify.in has an excellent collection of diwali home decoration ideas and here are a few selected Diwali home decoration ideas to be “Diwali ready” for this festive season:

Glass bowl tealights :

Diyas are definitely an indispensable part of Diwali home decorations no matter how many you have! But you can always add a twist and make them all look different and appealing at the same time. One way is to use our traditional glassware that is used for serving & dining as a decorative holder for your tealight. Aren’t they pretty? Make them a little more appealing by adding few decorative glass beads or pearls around or even flower petals!
Diwali home decoration ideas : glass bowl tealights

Photo credits : Decorum/Homify

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Crystal tealight holder :

Diwali home decoration ideas :Round Crystal Tealight Holde

Photo credits : M4design/Homify

If you are looking into a more permanent idea of light decoration maybe for your pooja room or so, this crystal tealight would be an excellent idea. The magical shadows cast by each of the crystals would be a definite headturner. You can add a battery operated LED tealight which are readily available in market for use as a permanent fixure.

3D Rangoli Floor mural :

Lotus Ceramic Floor Mural 3D rangoli :Diwali home decoration ideas

Photo credits :  Morbi Elegance 24/Homify

None of our festivities especially Diwali home decoration is complete without a colorful rangoli at our doorsteps. Break away from the hassle of having to handle the colors and not to forget cleaning up the rangoli at the end of the day – embrace the idea of readymade elegant 3D rangoli. With a modern twist to traditional decorations , this 3D rangoli or rather ceramic floor mural features lotus flowers which can be used to hold diyas. The best thing about this 3D rangoli is that it won’t get scattered all over the place by scurrying feet or blown away by the wind. It will stay put and remain as beautiful as the first day you placed it there, without requiring any extra work.

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Brass Urli for living room :

It was a thing of past when Urlis were confined to attics and kitchen shelves. These days Urlis are in great demand for their aesthetic appeal when used as a welcome piece holding flower petals and floating candles. Surround your urli with marigold flowers, add some rose petals inside with water and light up few floating scented candles and you need nothing more to make your living room prettier.
Gold Plated Brass Urli : Diwali home decoration ideas
Photo courtesy : M4design/Homify

Colourful ethnic cushion covers :

Add a touch of color not just in your rangolis but also in your living room by adding various types of colorful Indian print & weaved cushion covers.No matter what shade is your sofa/couch, a mix of colors in various patterns are definite yes to diwali home decorations.

Diwali home decoration ideas : Ethnic cushion covers

Photo courtesy :TUNI Interiors Pvt. Ltd/homify

 Colourful bed linens with matching curtains :

No house cleaning is complete without a fresh set of linen on your beds. And be sure to buy colourful ones with soothing tones this Diwali. This piece of bed cover with matching ethnic cushion covers and also that adorable curtain is a total hit! Diwali is after all a festival of colors and lights – why not reflect it in our diwali home decoration?

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Diwali home decoration ideas : Colorful bedlinen
Photo courtesy :  Nuvo Designs/Homify

Beaded ethnic Curtains :

Diwali home decoration ideas Bead Curtain

Photo courtesy : Memories of a Butterfly/Homify

I’m totally smitten by blue ha ha ! Add a vibrant ethnic touch to your entry way by adding some glass beaded curtains that match your actual curtains. They do add a much needed break to the monotony of colors and plain areas.

So what are your decor ideas for this Diwali season?


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