Dealing with dampness during monsoon

Being a keralite who has survived rainy season for more than 18 years of my life, I think its high time this post came up on dealing with dampness from monsoon!

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Few tips for a happy monsoon home : dealing with dampness

This post is a little late but I am sure it would help you in dealing with dampness and monsoon next year. Last year august, we took one week break and went on holiday but by the time we came back, our home was in a havoc state! Monsoon was on its full swing and by the time we returned our bedroom was totally infested with molds. That was my first bad experience with dampness and ever since then, I have been a little more keen on keeping my home not just beautiful but also safe ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are a few bit of information that I found while researching about dampness and on dealing with dampness. I am hoping it could be of some help to you guys as well.

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Candles, fragrances and Ekam


ekam, candles, candle, indian candle, candles in india, home fragrance, diy candle decor, decorating with candles, candle decor, scented candles, scented candles in india, ekam, ekamonline, ekam india , pillar candle, jar candle, votive, tin candleWhen I was a kid, candles meant prayer and power cut! Fast forward to my present life and candles means luxury. Gone are the days when our choices were limited to just white candles, fluorescent colored candles and twisted tapered candles. My love for candles probably started when I first started staying alone and when I earned on my own. The tiny little room in my hostel was colorful, cozy and always scented ๐Ÿ˜€ And I still have two of the pillar candles I bought way back then – a lavender scented and one rose scented.ย Since then I have had quite a collection of smaller candles but often neglected and not maintained well.

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Creative ideas to decorate blank wall

Easy and yet creative ways to decorate blank wall at home. I have just started the research to decorate blank wall at my home and this is a part thesis ๐Ÿ˜›

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Image courtesy :ย Housebeautiful

When creativity strikes and there’s a blank wall in the house, what do you do? Create a gallery wall.

It’s amazing how blank walls can be transformed when things are hung on them. They suddenly burst into life, making a room feel cozy and livable. There are a lot of ways to turn empty walls into wonderful eye-catching focal points, and here are just some of them.

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Fairy Jar Lantern DIY tutorial

Want to go back to the fairy tale magical faraway land ? I know you cant but you can always have a piece of it with these fairy jar lantern. Try them!

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This is a different kind of post today as I am collaborating with a few lit bloggers and a fantastic book author for a blog tour as a part of her book launch. ย I have absolutely nothing to do with books and poetry but my little sister Priya as you might know ( who occasionally shares her crafts on my blog- see here & here) has a lit blog and I gladly agreed to be a part of her new venture.

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Image courtesy : homecaprice

Paintings are one single ย home decor item that can really face lift a home. We can not only fill in empty wall spaces but also depending upon the theme and colors in the painting, we can set a particular mood for the rooms. Well I don’t own any painting as of now but I plan to once I decide on final placement of all my furnitures and household items. Anyways thats when I came across and they have this totally ammazzzing collection of artworks, paintings and posters. And guess what? You can also rent them and keep swapping with new ones whenever you feel like! Isn’t that great?

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Nirmala Franklin Planner in India Review

Nirmala Franklin Planner – If you are searching for planners in India, you sure need to check out this review with photos of Nirmala Franklin plannners.

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Planner and me?! Yeah I know sounds like a bad combination but then did you know we have planners in India too – these Nirmala Franklin plannersย are just too pretty to be ignored! Check out her website here where there are quite a lot of catchy quirky designs to shop from.

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Decorate your home – 10 things to shop for as a beginner

Easy tips to decorate your home within low budget. Instead of splurging randomly on evrything in market, focus on these key decor products while you shop.

decorate home interior
Image courtesy : goodhousekeeping

Home is the best place in this entire universe and โ€˜feel at homeโ€™ is something that cannot be compared with anything. If you have just moved into your first ever home or are staying in a hostel away from home and want to start giving life to your rooms and decorate your home, here are the top ten things you must look out for while you shop.

These days, home decor plays a significant role in deciding what kind of a person you are. If your home is not arranged or beautifully designed, it does not imply that you are an evil person. But, if you have not arranged what you have beautifully, then it matters. There are a lot of things which you can choose from to make your home interior look the best with a little effort. Check out ten such incredible things that can make your home look like a paradiseโ€ฆ

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