Spray Technique tutorials for Mixed Media

A good tutorial compilation of simple spray technique for mixed media art. If you are a beginner trying mixed media art, here where you should start!

spray technique tutorial for mixed media arts (12)

Hello everyone!!

Mixed media is presumed to be a much difficult form of art work but in real, it gives you immense opportunities to let yourself loose and experiment in all kinds. One important part of mixed media art/mixed media journaling is creating the background for your work. And this post is all about various ย sprayย techniques and how to incorporate them in your mixed media art.These are just some ways in which I use my sprays and they are not hardbound techniques! You can always experiment more and more. These are just some tips for beginners ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ocean theme handmade greeting card

Ocean theme handmade greeting card

Ocean theme greeting card (17)I started working on this ocean theme handmade greeting card in the beginning of the month but as you can see I got tied up with all our giveaways and other pending posts etc. Nevertheless, I managed to complete the ocean theme greeting card yesterday ย for Lulupu challenge for the month of June 2015- quite different from my initial design that I had in mind.

Ocean theme greeting card (13)

As a beginner, I refrained from experimenting with complex techniques and hence started simple and straight. Want to know how I made these little ocean theme greeting cards? Read on!

Materials required to make ocean theme greeting card :

  • Hero arts magical background stamp
  • Heidi swappย “always” stampset for hearts & sentiments
  • Hero artsย Cleardesign: Friends
  • Inkadinkado hearts stampset
  • Acrylic blocks
  • Cardstock – white ( Brustro)

Ocean theme greeting card (3)

  • Pleacock feather distress ink for ocean waters
  • Memento summersky for swirls background stamping
  • Rangers classic cherry ย for hearts
  • Archival jet black for sentiment
  • Versamark ink pad and rangers white embossing powder for embossing.

Ocean theme greeting card (2)

Procedure to make ocean theme greeting card :

I accept that I’m no expert to put up a tutorial but this is just sharing with you guys the method I followed to make this ocean theme greeting card so that you readers can add in suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚

So first I cut out a card-stock into A2 sizeย ย and stamped magical background with memento summer-sky dye ink.

Ocean theme greeting cards tutorial  (21)

On another card-stock, cut out same size as the no card, I applied plain water with brush all over and spread out distress ink in the shade peacock feathers in a single direction.

Ocean theme greeting cards tutorial  (21)

In the meantime while I left it to dry, I hand drew these tiny fishes with faber castell water based sketching pens and painted them with watercolors.

Ocean theme greeting cards tutorial  (21)

Hand cut these cute fishes and went ahead to draw swirly waves on my ocean with blue sketch pens.

Ocean theme greeting cards tutorial  (21)

Cut out strips of waves to superimpose on one another to get a realย fake ocean effect. I paired up my fishes and decided to make one pair as lovers and another as friends ๐Ÿ˜›

Ocean theme greeting cards tutorial  (21)

Both the cards were kept simpleย with just a small heart stamped out of heidi swapp heart stamp in rangers classic cherry ย between the two fishes. I stamped “love you’ sentiment on love couple card and finished it off.

Ocean theme greeting cards tutorial  (21)

For the friends card, I actually stamped the sentiment “friends always” from Hero arts & heidi swapp but it was tilted a bit so I covered up the error by placing a heat embossed sentiment in blue card stock there. I cut it out wide enough to cover my silly stamping and decided to make it a ribbon shape – kinda looked better.

Ocean theme greeting cards tutorial  (21)

And my “l” in always didnt stamp properly ๐Ÿ™

Ocean theme greeting cards tutorial  (21)

Do you want to know how I heat embossed without a heat gun? Im gonna follow this till I invest in one and you too can if you don’t own one yet. Read the experience HERE where I made a black and white card with heat embossed sentiments.

Ocean theme greeting cards tutorial  (21)

So that is the story of my ocean theme greeting card ๐Ÿ™‚ Liked it ? have suggestions? Please do let me know because I’m really really in need of some criticism to learn better ๐Ÿ™‚

Ocean theme greeting card (13)

New Giveaway coming soon tomorrow sponsored by Crafters Corner ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

Linking this card to :

Lulupu Summer splash (HERE) and BCG Cards only (HERE)

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Generation Stamping Technique: Black &white CAS Card

Generation Stamping Technique: Black &white CAS Card

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (1)

As you might have seen from my recent post, you should be getting that stamping bug has bit me ๐Ÿ˜› I’m buying stamps and inks like crazy and trying out various techniques. I think the various craft challenges hosted by many Indian blog ( as listed HERE) really helps in being consistent and also trying new stuffs. So I made this black and white CASย card using generation stamping technique for Kraftzone challenge for June 2015.

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (7)

This is also the first time I was trying embossing. As I did not have a heat gun, I tried many techniques suggested on many blogs and youtube videos but eventually my own method worked out ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I tried ironing with my normal iron box but then half the embossing powder melted on the paper I had put on top of the actual card ๐Ÿ™
  • I tried holding the iron very close to the paper but it did not melt the embossing powder.
  • I tried my hair dryer but it blew off all the powder haha!
  • I tried holding it above my stove flame but then I guess since the burner is circular , the heat was distributed over larger area and it got over melted! It looked like somebody scraped it off the paper ๐Ÿ™
  • So lastly Iย tried with cigarette lighter ๐Ÿ˜› Held it very close ( blue flame ) and moved it quickly mimicking the outline of the sentiments as soon as one area was melted.

What is Generation Stamping Technique ?

Generation stamping is a technique wherein a single ink is used to create different shaded images by stamping it multiple times without re-inking. What you need to do in this technique is to ink your stamp well and stamp once to get your first generation image, without reinking, stamp again for your second generation image and so on. It really depends on the ink whether you can go for third and fourth generation images or not. Here is a blog post from Catchy Designs (HERE)ย where Deepti has made this beautiful hearts card using generation stamping technique.

Ideally generation stamping technique is supposed to create images of different shades and you need to probably experiment with the inks you have in hand to find out if the shades turn out visibly different or not. Im linking below two videos that explain in detail how to do generation stamping :

You can see from the above videos how different shades/colors can be achieved through generation stamping technique even if you do not have many inkpads.

Materials required to make Black and White CAS Card using Generation Stamping Technique :

  • Cardstock – White and Black ( I used Brustro drawing paper for white and applied black soot distress ink for black )
  • White embossing powder (Rangers)
  • Versamark watermark inkpad
  • Flower stamp and sentiment stamp ( I used Hero arts Cleardesign: Friends )
  • Archival black ink
  • Acrylic block

Step by step procedure to make Black and white CAS card using Generation Stamping Technique :

To be frank, I wanted to try generation stamping technique but what I eventually achieved was something totally different because there was no different shades of images that I got! But anyways I wanted a black and white CAS card so I just let it be!

I made this card with one layer over a no-card. The no card was cut out from normal white cardstock A2 size (5-1/2 x 4-1/4)ย and the layer was trimmed a little lesser than the no-card.I used Brustro drawing paper for the first layer where I have tried generation stamping technique. I used the small flower stamp from the set Cleardesign : Friendsย by Hero Arts with Rangers Archival black ink. I did three generations of stamping and I assume its obvious from the brightness/strength of the images.

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (10)

I tore the layer at about a little beyond half of its length with hand to create a torn effect and brushed the torn part with black soot distress ink. This layer was glued to the no-card with the help of tacky tape.

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (9)

For the sentiment, since I did not have a black cardstock in hand, I used a white one by covering it with black soot distress ink after embossing my sentiment.

As I told you before, I did quite a lot of experiment to finally come out with this result although it isnt really a success!ย I used ” You are in my thoughts sentiment” from Hero Arts Cleardesign – Friends stampsetย and stamped it on white brustro drawing paper with versamark ink.

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (2)

I covered it with Rangersย white embossing powder and used the blue flame of cigarette to set it. There were many stray particles here and there which I shouldve maybe avoided using an anti static pad ( which I dont have !). Here is the embossed result over which I used black soot distress ink.

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (5)

Here is a closer look of the embossing – The stray particle really created a havoc there plus the S in thoughts was not stamped properly I think or I brushed off the powder by mistake at the corner.Since I had already attempted this many times I just felt content with the outcome even though it wasn’t really perfect.

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (4)

I cut out the sentiment to a ribbon shape because there were too many unwanted embossing here and there which I wanted to avoid ๐Ÿ˜€

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (6)

Here is a look at the final black and white CAS card that I made using generation stamping technique and heat embossing. Do let me know your views and thoughts in the comment box below ๐Ÿ™‚

Generation stamping technique black and white cas card  (8)

See you soon with another card. Phew I need to take a break from paper crafting and try my hand on something else ๐Ÿ˜› Hey yeah also we have Roshni Gupta joining us with tutorials soon. Keep watching this space for more new crafters and their tutorials! In case you are interested in contributing tutorials, please do go through the link HERE for submissions.

Linking to

  • BCG Challenge (HERE )
  • Kraftzone Challenge (HERE)

xoxo Angelaย 

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Tight Quilled Flower Tutorial : A Shaker Card

Tight Quilled Flowerย Tutorial ย : A Shaker Card

Tight quilled flower shaker card tutorial (12)

I had posted a tutorial on bakers twine blow few days back and I did tell you that it was for my mother’s birthday. She had a good birthday celebration on 23rd May at our house with my other two sisters being there this time. She loved the card and I am happy that this time I put in so much efforts into making something for her unlike all the other birthday gifts I have ever giver her so far.

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Cardmaking : Quilled Hearts Card Tutorial

Cardmaking : Quilled Hearts Card Tutorial

Quilled Hearts Card Tutorial (12)

I know its sort of boring to see similar posts at a go and trust me its even more boring making them! As you might know I have recently taken the plunge into cardmaking and my cards are very simple to make with hardly any element or twist but I loved making them ๐Ÿ™‚ This heart card is very much different from the Confetti hearts card (HERE) that I did earlier since this one is a Quilled card and also I have used stencils to make the background. If you havent seen my previous post on quilling basics HERE, please do check them out because you will be needing them to make these quilled hearts card.

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Confetti Hearts Card Tutorial

Confetti Hearts Card Tutorial :

Confetti Hearts card tutorial  (7)

Those who are regulars at my blog would know that I’m totally not into Scrap-booking or related paper-crafts. I knew that some or the other time I would have to take that one big step and try them for the sake of having variety crafts on my blog. Well so being a novice to this field I felt like I was pushing myself to drown myself into an ocean full of whales, sharks, stamps,inkpads,embossing and what not! I was scared till now of what to buy, where to start, how to do because there seem to be too much of a syllabus to master! So I had a little email chat with Priya Sivaraj from TheCraftShop.in who was very kind enough to answer all my beginners stupid doubts and of course I bought my first cardmaking supplies from her ๐Ÿ™‚ Next bunch of thanks and hugs goes to Dr.Sonia SV from CardsandSchoolprojects for her very valuable post on beginners stamping tips&techniques (HERE) from where I felt like yes that looks easy enough ๐Ÿ™‚

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Lipstick Recycle Card! #5

Hello angels!

Well I’m posting a Clean and SImple card made by recycling my expired out lipsticks ๐Ÿ˜€ sounds exciting right? Yes I have lot more of those lipsticks to finish off so will be coming up with more of lipstick recycle crafts soon ๐Ÿ™‚

lipstick recycle card

You might find this post interesting too :   Cardmaking Basics for beginners

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