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Hey there.!

I’m Angela Jose – the editor, creative head, founder and everything and everything of The-Crafty-Angels | Indian Craft Blog.

Why I started The-Crafty-Angels| Indian Craft Blog ?

Well i really really did not know blogging was this tough else i would never have bothered but now that I’m into it I’m enjoying every minute of my blogging time 🙂 A good handwriting, good diagrams in my biology records and a few good greeting cards made for Christmas – that was the limit to my creative crafting. But after I won a craft competition at my office with my quilled sunflowers (HERE) , I was like totally confident about my hidden talents and truly, while searching for quilling techniques I came across many blogs and I was inspired myself to start a blog to share with inquisitive crafty people who Google everyday to get ideas 🙂

When was The-Crafty-Angels| Indian Craft Blog started ?

The-Crafty-Angels went live on March 27th 2014. My daughter was just 4 months old back then and I was on my maternity leave ( at my home town) so I had plenty of time to launch the website even though i did not know the ABC of blogging!

What is The-Crafty-Angels| Indian Craft Blog all about?

The-Crafty-Angels is presently a baby craft blog and has literally no content when compared to other craft blogs. But I have so much dreams about The-Crafty-Angels which I’m kind of not able to live upto right now cz my little daughter needs more attention than my blog right now 🙂

What are your plans for The-Crafty-Angels| Indian Craft Blog ?

I’m finishing up on my final touches on the technical front for the blog right now. I am gonna take up a resolution to post once a week atleast and also yes I’m gonna plan to make my blog more personal by adding a blog series on travel and getting-to-know-me 🙂

How can anyone get involved with The-Crafty-Angels| Indian Craft Blog ?

You can head over straight to ‘Contact Me’ (HERE) and email me about anything. I would be just glad to make new friends 🙂 You can also send me pictures of any craft works you have done and i will make sure its shared with my readers 🙂

Feel free to contact me at [email protected]


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