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Handmade Christmas Cards in India

Love sending handmade christmas cards to friends and relatives? Check out these simple yet pretty cards you can make for holiday season. Merry Christmas!

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I told you Christmas will not fade away that soon on my blog! I made a couple of Christmas cards this year for my friends and I had shared them on my Instagram last month. I love making handmade cards for special occasions and the only thing I’m doing wrong is that I am not stocking cards of different natures so that I can send them out quickly. Well I bought a multi-stamping tool 3 months back and now I can make multiple cards like a breeze! Okay let me stop blabberring and here are my handmade Christmas cards 2016.

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DIY Paper Christmas Tree with quilling papers

Handmade love for this Christmas season. Make these pretty and easy paper Christmas tree with quilling paper strips and a popsicle stick! Read tutorial.

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Officially my last post for Christmas  Christmas post before Christmas 😛 ! I am in Kerala right now and this place is so cheerful with festivities. The lights and decorations are so lovely! I am going to buy a few Christmas decor items from here so that I can use them for my next Christmas at Kolar 😉 Anyways coming to today’s post, its a really simple but catchy DIY Paper Christmas tree with quilling paper. Don’t worry there is no quilling involved! Also, if you are in holiday crafting mood, be sure to check out the many other holiday crafts and activities I tried over last Christmas seasons 🙂 

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Kusudama Paper Flower Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Kusudama flowers are the most popular and easiest origami flowers made! Like something for your room with kusudama flowers? Check out!

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Well Christmas is here and I have reached Kerala for our short little Christmas celebration at home. No the Christmas crafts are not yet over because I got my laptop home and I have some unedited pics so if I get time, will post one more craft 🙂 Today but I have a special guest for a quick Christmas DIY- Hobby Ideas!!! These kusudama paper flower Christmas wreath is really pretty and also, you can use these paper kusudama origami flowers in a lot of your DIY home decor projects! Over to Hobby Ideas for the tutorial 🙂

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DIY Christmas ball ornaments (Itsy Bitsy DIY Kit)

5 more days to Christmas and I have a rather easy craft using these DIY Christmas ball ornament kit from Itsy Bitsy . More christmas craft tutorials too.

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Hello crafty folks! Hardly 5 more days to Christmas and I haven’t crafted enough! Don’t be surprised if my christmas crafts are posted till January end 😛 You can try them next year ha ha! Today I have a rather easy craft, a DIY Christmas ball ornament using the DIY kit from Itsy Bitsy India. I know many of you are not regular crafters and you find it little difficult to buy expensive crafting supplies for just a single craft. Kits like these are just perfect for people like them, especially for kids who are on holiday, they can have so much fun making and decorating their Christmas trees. I am sharing a short video on how to assemble the kit into these pretty Christmas ball ornaments.

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DIY Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

Don’t you think handmade Christmas ornaments are the best? Learn how to make these simple DIY Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments to decorate your home :).

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Christmas is almost here and I am yet to set up my tree as I shall anyway be going home for the holidays soon. But Istill couldn’t just not decorate my house at all and got a wonderful idea just as I was cleaning up the floor – DIY Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments from the ice cream jar lids lying around! Let’s get started !

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DIY Geometric Paper ornaments for Christmas

Make these easy Christmas DIY geometric paper ornaments following the tutorial. I had dreaded making them thinking they are so difficult but I was wrong!

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Welcome to yet another Christmas craft. Can you smell christmas? I literally can and that smell takes me back to the time when I was very young. The Christmas of that time is probably the most memorable one I had! We dont have a white christmas here in India in fact its summery christmas but that doesnt stop me from decorating any less. I tried these DIY geometric paper ornaments this weekend and I loved how they turned out to be. I have a feeling that with the amount of DIY ornaments I am making, I might need a seperate storage area for Christmas decor items! Anyways this craft is a little intimadating if you hated maths but hey its fun to bring out your geometry box and relive your school days! Lets head straight to tutorial then

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DIY Mini Christmas Tree Ornament

Make these handmade Mini Christmas tree ornament this Christmas. Its always fun to sit down with your folks and add a little handmade lover to holiday decor

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Christmas is a month away but you can never have enough time to be “Christmas-ready” right?  I’m sure all of you must have by now taken out your Christmas tree and started decorating them. Why not add new handmade ornaments? Sharing today is a tutorial for making simple DIY mini Christmas tree ornament with your kids this holiday season.

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