Must visit places in Pondicherry V/s where we actually checked in

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So guys who follow me on Instagram would know how we had a very small vacation of 3 days to pondicherry and velankanni when during this ganesh chathurthi (September 2017). We want to travel a lot and see new places but unfortunately my job gives so much money but no vacation or not even 4 days leave together! Thats so bad 🙁 But anyways we kind of make it a point to travel once in a year and that is mostly somewhere around our wedding anniversary that falls on August 28th. Jose loves driving so he kind of picks up all these places in the south of India but I dislike car journey only because atleast two days of our precious holiday is wasted sitting in car and munching on a dozen of Lays pack 😛 but anyways hopefully we will get exhausted of all spots in south soon and we will have no choice but to go longer distances ( Hee hee ).

Note : I swear I started drafting this post in October of 2017 and it took me 8 months to get it uploaded – talk about being lazy!

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How to choose stamps, inks & papers for cardmaking in India

Papercrafting and cardmaking can be confusing not knowing how to choose stamps inks papers etc for your works. I have put in my word of advice from my own experience in cardmaking and I hope it helps you choose and craft wisely 🙂

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This is in continuation with my previous post (cant even remember when the last post was!) on beginners tips for cardmaking in India. The previous post outlined the general styles of cardmaking and introduction to supplies; this post will cover what to invest on when you are trying cardmaking for the first time 🙂

I have been into making cards for probably the last 3 years now and its actually a funny story as to how I ended up starting this cardmaking journey! I was gifted this pretty little stamp from paper smooches & penny black by one kind and generous crafter and till then I had no supplies to work with it. My journey began trying to buy supplies to use those 2 stamps and you know what? After 3 years my confusion on how to choose stamps inks papers has never stopped and now I have this enormous supplies for cardmaking, half of which were purchased out of impulse and the rest few which were a huge mistake! I had hardly anybody to guide me back then so I am here to share my little knowledge on buying the right few supplies to get you started with cardmaking – especially in India.

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