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Easiest way to make a DIY paper lantern for Diwali

A tutorial for DIY paper lantern for Diwali with free printable design template as well. Redefine your festive Diwali decor with these DIY aakash kandils πŸ™‚ Hello guys, I am back from my long hiatus but the universe seems to be telling me to be lazier than ever before. Right when I decide that I am going back to blogging, my SD card adaptor stops working and I can’t transfer …

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How do I find time to Craft and Blog besides my full time work?

Hey guys!!
Stepping aside from my usual crafty tutorial posts, today I thought why not have a small talk with you πŸ™‚ I have been crafting regularlyΒ sort of regularly for like 3 years now, ever since I started this blog. Or rather I should say that my blog & readers have kept me motivated to keep crafting ever since I started off! I often get asked by my friends on how I find time to do all these things after office and home. And this post is just an answer to that. ( please ignore the bad quality photos, they were not supposed to see daylight :P)

blogging tips india, how to start a blog in india, mommy blogs in india, how to balance blog and work in india, craft blog india, angela jose, thecraftyangels blog (19)


Before you read this, I think you should read this – I finally got around updating the “about me” page here and I am sure you would love to know more about me πŸ˜‰

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Making of Tanjore Painting : A simple tutorial

Making of Traditional south Indian Tanjore painting – a Modern tutorial. Read tutorial to make Tanjore painting with 3D outliner, glass paints and easy supplies. Sorry for my abrupt absence from the blogging world. In fact from crafting too. Now I understand the meaning of the question ” How do you manage time for all these despite office” raised by many, whenever I meet them. I realise that the transient …

Handlettered Canvas quote

Handlettered Canvas quote – a simple wall decor project

A simple DIY project to make a cheerful and motivational Handlettered Canvas quote wall frame. Few paints, a canvas panel and you have a beautiful wall art to keep you inspired and motivated all day long. Been such a long time right? I knoweven I really missed blogging. I did tell you right that Grace has started going to Pre-KG? Β Our lives are so messed up right now because I …

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DIY Rainbow nursery wall decor with old cardboards

Make this super simple and pretty DIY rainbow nursery wall decor with old cardboards and adorn your baby’s nursery. A great summer activity for kids too! Hello guys! How are you? I really miss blogging and crafting like before – the before as in simple crafts, crafts that could be added as decor element to homes. But never mind I think I am getting back on track πŸ˜€ Well most …

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My calligraphy journey – milestone achieved ft. Priya Prithviraj

A short story on my calligraphy journey – from where I started to where I have reached. And also a big reveal on my calligraphy milestone too πŸ˜‰ Sit back and enjoy all my old calligraphy attempts like me and have a good laugh πŸ˜› I have been getting a lot of encouragement on my calligraphy works on social media and ever since then, my blog and crafting has taken …

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How to make a Stunning floral Entryway DIY Keyholder

Make your own personalised DIY keyholder to match your home style. I made these absolutely floral vintage DIY keyholder with a streatched burlap canvas by decoupaging a floral napkin over πŸ™‚ So as usual I sit down late night after my daughter has slept to put up yet another tutorial post. And I was left wondering if anybody is even reading these posts. If anybody is looking out for the …

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DIY Stationery Storage for your desk – Repurpose cardboard box

Recycle cardboard boxes to make this really cute mini house to store your stationery. Yes a DIY stationery storage for your desk but a cute and easy one. This post is brought to you in collaboration with Hobby Ideas πŸ™‚Β  There is an immense satisfaction in creating something beautiful out of nothing. We have so many things lying around which are deemed as waste, but with a wee bit of …