Making of Tanjore Painting : A simple tutorial

Making of Traditional south Indian Tanjore painting – a Modern tutorial. Read tutorial to make Tanjore painting with 3D outliner, glass paints and easy supplies.

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Sorry for my abrupt absence from the blogging world. In fact from crafting too. Now I understand the meaning of the question ” How do you manage time for all these despite office” raised by many, whenever I meet them. I realise that the transient period to settle down to a new routine might not be as quick as I thought it would be. But we all have our own priorities right? For now, I have decided to spend more time with my daughter for her school works and after school learnings (expect more kids crafts) while not totally abandoning my blog. Coming to today’s tutorial its a much searched for work- our own Indian Tanjore Painting, sponsored by Hobby Ideas.

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