DIY Mini Christmas Tree Ornament

Make these handmade Mini Christmas tree ornament this Christmas. Its always fun to sit down with your folks and add a little handmade lover to holiday decor

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Christmas is a month away but you can never have enough time to be “Christmas-ready” right?  I’m sure all of you must have by now taken out your Christmas tree and started decorating them. Why not add new handmade ornaments? Sharing today is a tutorial for making simple DIY mini Christmas tree ornament with your kids this holiday season.

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Lace edged Christmas tags tutorial

For those who love a little detail in the gifts they send this holiday season, try these crochet lace edged christmas tags.Fun and pretty! Read for tutorial.

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I have hardly have done any christmas crafts on my blog an I wonder why! So this year, I am working a little harder to bring many christmas craft and Christmas decor ideas specifically suited for India 🙂 I made these Lace edged Christmas tags last week as a guest post for ItsyBitsy blog and I absolutely loved it. Its a very simple one but a little time consuming if you want to make loads of them. I would say these lace edged christmas tags are just perfect for anyone who loves details. Lets see how I made them 🙂

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Paper Christmas Tree Garland Tutorial

DIY paper christmas tree garland for adorning your holiday home! These are plain simple and lovely activity for kids as well.

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Welcome to Christmas crafting and today we are going to make these super simple and pretty DIY paper christmas tree garland. The most special part about this tutorial is that I had my daughter grace helping me our with adding the beads and I was so happy that she actually enjoyed the time with me. I think this would make a great kids activity too for this holiday season! Also if you are in the holiday crafting mood, be sure to check out the many other crafts I tried over the last Christmas season 🙂 

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DIY Shadow Box Tutorial

Make your own DIY shadow box and use them to hold your favorite photos. There is an awesome tutorial with full measurement details. Happy crafting!

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I have been looking for a very long time to make a crafting den on my own but never ever have I seen a messier place than my crafting table! I have hence decided to add some shelves for extra storage space and some crafts to fill up blank work space. Well this tutorial is for DIY shadow box which I made for use as photo frames for my wall. They are simple and easy to make except for a little math that I have covered up for you 🙂 So shall we start?

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