Pistachio shell candle holder tutorial

Dont you love how you can make pretty things out of waste? Check out this simple DIY pistachio shell candle holder tutorial, a great diwali decor piece too!

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I had been having these pistachio shells for quite a long time and was waiting for my glue gun to arrive. The older glue gun which I had purchased from Itsy bitsy had such huge problem right from the beginning and I am glad I threw it out soon! Well so my new glue gun arrived and I made these pretty little pistachio shell candle holder or rather diya holders. This should make absolutely stunning table piece for your Diwali decor as well! I loved how it turned out to be and they are super simple to make. Read the tutorial and I have some secret tips as always for you guys πŸ™‚

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Dealing with dampness during monsoon

Being a keralite who has survived rainy season for more than 18 years of my life, I think its high time this post came up on dealing with dampness from monsoon!

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Few tips for a happy monsoon home : dealing with dampness

This post is a little late but I am sure it would help you in dealing with dampness and monsoon next year. Last year august, we took one week break and went on holiday but by the time we came back, our home was in a havoc state! Monsoon was on its full swing and by the time we returned our bedroom was totally infested with molds. That was my first bad experience with dampness and ever since then, I have been a little more keen on keeping my home not just beautiful but also safe πŸ™‚ Here are a few bit of information that I found while researching about dampness and on dealing with dampness. I am hoping it could be of some help to you guys as well.

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DIY Washi tape pencil craft

Tutorial and more tips on turning a boring pencil into colorful washi tape pencil. A perfect back to school activity for kids and photo tutorial made easy!

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If you have gone through all my posts on this blog, you would know how I am the queen of complication πŸ˜› I realized I hardly have any simple crafts that are cute and can be done by anyone. So here is the first in the series – DIY washi tape pencil craft. Its a very simple tweak to make a normal pencil stand out especially for kids who cannot take fancy stuffs to school but can flaunt these pretty ones among friends. All you need really are pretty washi tapes and boring pencils ha h. Lets jump into the tutorial then.

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Candles, fragrances and Ekam


ekam, candles, candle, indian candle, candles in india, home fragrance, diy candle decor, decorating with candles, candle decor, scented candles, scented candles in india, ekam, ekamonline, ekam india , pillar candle, jar candle, votive, tin candleWhen I was a kid, candles meant prayer and power cut! Fast forward to my present life and candles means luxury. Gone are the days when our choices were limited to just white candles, fluorescent colored candles and twisted tapered candles. My love for candles probably started when I first started staying alone and when I earned on my own. The tiny little room in my hostel was colorful, cozy and always scented πŸ˜€ And I still have two of the pillar candles I bought way back then – a lavender scented and one rose scented.Β Since then I have had quite a collection of smaller candles but often neglected and not maintained well.

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Cards with Peekaboo designs stamps

I absolutely loved making card with these Indian make floral stamps from peekaboo designs. Hop on to know about these stamps & also some watercoloring tips

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I have been doing only cards lately because I made a lotttt for my friends and I am yet to post them ( unfortunately late!). I promise there is only one more cards post ( apart from this one) and then I will move on to some posts on my daughters nursery and more. Todays card is using yet another Indian make stamps – peekaboo designs. If you remember, my previous post was also using another Indian make stamps from Mudra. Just love how affordable cardmaking has become this year, all thanks to new ventures by our crafting ladies πŸ™‚ As always, I tried to play safe by making some simple cards with floral patterns but this time, I put in a lot of efforts in watercoloring phew!

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Art Impressions laughing : Friends card

I made these quirky real fun card for my girl friends using art impressions laughing stamp set.I am sharing tutorial with full supplies list here.

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Few weeks back I had shared a set of friends card using our own Indian make mudra stamps and I hope you all like them. This one is another set of friends card using art impressions laughing set and I was a little apprehensive about the card but it turned out to be kind of okay. For the first time I have used pattern paper and I used just a little because there were lot of empty space on the card.

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